How to Repair Corrupt PST File in Outlook 2010?

Microsoft Outlook is the personal information manager that has been brought out by Microsoft. It can be used as a stand alone application or can be taken up with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server for benefit of multiple users within an organization. This application assists all its users in communication and allows them to create lists of events that can be performed and to keep a note of all important data.

After knowing about Outlook application, let us go through Outlook 2010 tool and get to know a brief about its features and other uses. This Outlook 2010 provides us rich set of experience for email management i.e. to send / receive e-mails, access contacts, address book and other features as required. After installing it on Windows system, it can effectively manage large number of emails and other Outlook data.

So as emails are sent or received from Outlook, Inbox gets filled with all kinds of mails. All these mails and other data present with user’s account is stored in a single PST (Personal Storage Table) file. If size of PST file goes way over prescribed size limit, then PST file gets damaged and hence you will find it difficult to access information stored in it. There are many reasons, which cause Outlook PST file corruption as explained below:

  • Corruption of PST header as a result of virus intrusions
  • Abrupt system shut down or other interruption in between upgradation process
  • Compacting PST file to reduce its size
  • Bad sectorsor malware infections on hard drive
  • PST file exceeding its fixed file size limit

You may not be able to access data from Outlook 2010 PST file after corruption. So it is suggested to use the inbuilt Scanpst.exe repair tool to deal with this issue. If Scanpst repair tool cannot fix PST file then make use of Yodot Outlook PST Repair to repair PST file on Windows PC due to any reason. With advanced features, this application can mend corrupt, damaged or broken PST file that has been generated by Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions. Highly encrypted and password protected PST files can also be repaired and rescued by using this tool. Moreover, repaired PST file contents can be previewed before saving file to relevant location on hard drive.

The Working procedure to fix MS Outlook 2010 PST file:

  • Download Yodot Outlook PST Repair application from given website and installed in respective partition
  • As you can see the icon that is provided on desktop all you have to do is to run this application
  • Now from main screen of the tool use “Open PST File” option and then select PST file that has been corrupted
  • If you need to find location of PST file, then you have to use this option “Find PST File”
  • Use selected PST file then select “Smart Scan” or “Normal Scan” option depending on depth of PST file corruption
  • Once repair process has been completed, then this tool will provide you with options to preview and then save repaired PST file to desired storage location

Precautionary measures that have to be considered are:

  • Have an upgraded antivirus application installed in system
  • Follow proper procedure to exit Outlook application
  • Take backup of Outlook PST file before upgrading Outlook from older to newer version