How To Fix Attachments Not Showing In Outlook Issue?

Outlook attachments not showing up is usually a problem experienced by most users commonly. Sometimes it is hard to say if you have uploaded the attachment correctly in Outlook. Also, you may occasionally have trouble viewing attachments sent to you by others. This article will tell you what to do when you can’t see the attachments in Outlook.

Why Are My Attachments Not Showing Up In Outlook?

Outlook Users usually face this can’t view attachments in Outlook error can be due to many reasons. We have listed a few of the major reasons to answer the question of why do attachments disappear in Outlook:

Quick Tips To Fix Outlook Not Showing Attachment Files Issue

  1. Verify with the sender if they might have forgotten to add the attachment in the first place or they might have sent a link instead of attaching it.
  2. To view the attachment while composing a reply, select Pop-out in the message compose box.
  3. Try reloading the Outlook application if you are unable to find the attachment.
  4. Check for the internet connection.
  5. Make sure you select Show all attachments under the visible photos to show attachments sent in the mail.
  6. Disable antivirus software, since they prevent emails from loading attachments properly.
  7. How To Fix Attachments Not Showing in Outlook issue?

    Method 1: Verify Format

    One common reason for the attachments not showing up in Outlook is that when you are sending mail in RTF format the message is not properly converted into plain text or HTML format. Before sending an email if you want to verify whether you are sending emails in Rich text format or not check for the below settings:

    For Outlook 2007 and previous version users:

    Go to Tools -> Options -> tab Mail Format

    For Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 version users:

    File-> Options -> Mail -> Compose message on this format

    Make sure that in the above settings “default compose format” is not set to “Rich Text”.

    Method 2: Check Settings To Verify Blocked Attachments

    Another reason for the Outlook not showing attachments issue is usually seen in Microsoft Outlook Express and some older versions of Outlook. This is because of default Outlook settings which are set to block certain types of attachments. For example, Microsoft considers it unsafe when it receives the attachment with an extension as.mdb, .msp, .sct, .adp, .vsd, .vsw, .lnk and so on, also, it is considered unsafe to send some executable files in Outlook. Hence, attachments will be blocked when you send or receive emails. If you want to send previously listed extension files as an attachment, then you can follow the below settings:

    Open Outlook express -> Click on Tools -> Options -> Click on Security tab -> Within the security window under Virus protection -> Uncheck “Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus” checkbox -> Then click on “Ok

    Now close the Outlook application and re-open to check if the Outlook attachments are showing in Outlook or not.

    Method 3: Fix Attached File Size Issue

    One more reason why attachments disappear in Outlook issue is because of the size of the attachments in Outlook. By default Outlook is set to accept files up to a certain size only, any attachment file crossing the limit will not be accepted and will be resulting in Outlook not showing attachment issue.

    To fix attachments not showing in Outlook problem you can apply the below settings:

    Open Outlook -> Tools-> click Options -> click the Mail Delivery tab -> under mail Delivery make sure that the check box “Don’t download message larger than xxxKB” is not checked.

    Method 4: Verify With Internet Service Provider or Check with your Email Service Provider

    The Internet service provider or e-mail provider will remove an attachment whenever it considers the attachment as unsafe or exceeds the allocated space. If so you need to contact either an email provider or an Internet Service provider or else you can set up a free webmail account and try to receive attachments through a webmail address.

    If Outlook still does not show attachments after enabling above mentioned settings, then there might be an issue with your Outlook data file. To handle this kind of issue you need to use Outlook PST Repair software like the Yodot Outlook PST Repair tool.

    Method 5: Repair Outlook Not Showing Attachments Error Using Yodot:

    Yodot Outlook PST Repair is one of the recommended software to fix when Outlook is not showing attachments on the Windows system. This application can efficiently fix all types of errors related to Outlook such as Outlook mailbox errors, Outlook PST errors, Outlook MAPI errors, Outlook stopped working errors, Outlook is not showing PST file errors and also it helps in solving cannot open Outlook profile error and so on.

    Procedure to fix Outlook is not showing attachments issue:

    • Download Outlook PST Repair software and install it on a Windows computer.
    • Run the utility and choose any option from Open PST File, Find PST File or Select Outlook Profile to select the Outlook file which is not showing email attachment.
    • pst-screen1

    • Select the destination location by browsing and select the mode of the scan, either Normal Scan or Smart Scan and click on the Repair button.
    • pst-screen3

    • The software starts scanning Microsoft Outlook PST files and you could view resulted information about PST file contents in a short duration.
    • pst-screen5

    Important Note!!

    • Do proper settings while configuring the Outlook profile.
    • Follow correct procedure while upgrading Outlook from an older to a newer version.

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