Fix Outlook PST When It Cannot Be Accessed

Microsoft Office Outlook application is the most standard tool that is used for communication among the employees within an organization via emails. Along with the ease of sending and receiving emails, you can also save available contacts in particular format on address book, manage events, save notes and perform other tasks that are provided with this Outlook utility.

Once you get access to Outlook application and perform other operations, you should also be ready to deal with the error messages or some faults that will make your PST file inaccessible. For this purpose an inbox repair tool has been pre-installed with MS Office suite, so that the user can repair PST file accordingly if in case of any problems. But in certain conditions, even the Inbox Repair tool gives up and cannot fix the damage that has occurred in PST file. As Outlook application is your top most priority for completion and submission of work in short duration of time, getting back the information from PST file can be easily done with the help of best Outlook PST repair program.

PST file of a particular account cannot be accessed due to:

  • Abrupt termination of Outlook application can cause damage to the PST file making it inaccessible
  • Poor antivirus protection in the system can seriously affect PST content, making it unavailable to the user
  • Sometimes interruption occur during the up-gradation of Outlook application that leads to PST file corruption, which eventually makes PST file unavailable for use
  • When PST file increases in size and crosses its prescribed limit may cause damage PST file and result in loss of valuable information
  • Bad sectors or virus infections on the hard drive may affect header of PST file and PST file remains in inaccessible state due to corruption of file header

PST File Repair Tool:

Yodot Outlook PST Repair is the best known application to fix the PST file that got corrupted as a result of the scenarios which are stated above. This application scans the PST files thoroughly to get back all the information like emails, Attachments, Drafts, Contacts, Journals, Tasks, Notes, Calendar Items and other Outlook attributes. Advanced features installed in this PST repair tool helps you easily fix and restore the contents from PST file that is encrypted or password protected. A Demo version of the software is available, so that you can evaluate Yodot Outlook PST Repair performance and easily get to know your chances of repairing and accessing data from PST file.

Steps to repair Outlook PST file that cannot be accessed:

  • Download “Yodot Outlook PST Repair” tool and install the application to your computer
  • Run the software from shortcut icon provided in the desktop and follow the on screen instructions
  • There will be three options present on the main screen of the repair application namely, “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Outlook Profile”
  • Click on “Open PST File” to browse and open the PST file which cannot be accessed
  • After the selection of the PST file, by clicking on “Next” button, you will get to the next screen
  • Here options for scanning the PST file are provided like “Smart Scan” or “Normal Scan”
  • Select the required scan option based on the depth of corruption that has occurred on PST file
  • Now click on “Repair” button which starts the repairing process without any delay
  • Once you finish the repair process, the list of recovered items that were present in the PST file are shown

Helpful Tips:

  • Use updated antivirus protection to prevent the PST file from being corrupted
  • Alternate power source should always be maintained to prevent abrupt system shut down which may damage PST file
  • Avoid exiting the Outlook application when process of sending or receiving of mails is being carried out