PST File Copied to Drive after Upgrading OS Wont Open

“Hi, I have a PST file which I copied from local machine to a network drive, as I wanted to upgrade my Windows computer. After completion of upgrade process, I copied back PST file to my system. Now I am facing problem in PST file. I tried Scanpst.exe to resolve the issue. But it didn’t help me. All my E-mails present in PST are extremely important. Could someone please let me know what is affecting my PST file and how to fix it?”

Cause for the problem in PST file:

Here two factors might be responsible for problem which you are facing in PST file.

1. Windows upgrade and related updates might have modified your Outlook application

2. Your PST file might be corrupted or damaged since you copied it from system to network drive and restored back to Outlook

Guidance to resolve PST file issue:

So first you need to verify if there are any issues in your Outlook. Before getting into this process it is recommended to backup .pst file safely

Some applications need certain update software to function normally after OS upgrade. So check whether you missed to install any required updates for Outlook. If yes install them and try to access Outlook PST file.

If issue is not resolved even after you tried above method then it seems like your PST file is corrupted as a result of improper copying. But don’t be worried. Yodot can help you in fixing PST file. Just follow this step by step procedure to fix corrupted PST.

Know more about Yodot PST Repair program:

This software is a right way to resolve issues of Outlook PST file on Windows computers. Vigorous scanning mechanism of the tool can easily solve any errors and issues of PST file without modifying its original structure. The potent tool helps you to repair Outlook .pst files of versions 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 2013 and 2016. Apart from fixing Outlook PST file the utility can easily retrieve deleted mail items like emails, tasks, contacts, signature, personal folders, etc. Addition to PST it fixes OST files which are corrupted because of any reason. It has smart UI and easy repair steps so that non-technical user can take advantage of it. The program is compatible on all major versions of Windows OS.


  • Follow appropriate procedure or utilize reliable program like Yodot to backup and restore PST files during upgrading OS or Outlook version, as it allows you to backup complete profile attributes along with its settings; you can avoid PST file corruption issues

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