Recover Deleted E-mail folder from Outlook

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Did you lose important email folders from your MS Outlook, or simply deleted it and then realized that it contained important emails related to work and how badly you needed that folder? Well, no need to worry, since you can repair and at the same time recover the deleted email folder by utilizing good Outlook repair tool.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular mail clients being used by users today. Many people choose Microsoft Outlook as their email clients due to its features and benefits compared to other mail client applications. Emails are such an important part of each organization that they cannot be neglected. Not only emails help in maintaining communication network smooth across the organization but also they form an integral part of every conversation around. Any issue with emails, user mailbox, server crashes or loss of data, result into a sudden loss for the organization. In order to get the email folder, you are required to recover it with the help of an efficient repair cum recovery tool.

How to perform recovery of deleted Outlook email folders?

You can recover deleted items or folders from Microsoft Outlook by following below mentioned steps:

In Outlook, select "Deleted Item" from your mailbox, then click tool after which click on Recover Deleted Item. A "Recover Deleted Items" window will be displayed. Select the emails you would like to recover and click "Restore Selected Items". If the “Recover Deleted Items” window is empty then you might be missing the proper Outlook settings. The deleted emails in Microsoft Exchange Server are maintained only for 14 days. So, what if you want to restore deleted email folder from Outlook after 14 days? In such case Outlook PST repair comes for your help.

The email folders are deleted in the following situations:

  • Deleting Wrong Email Folder: While deleting unwanted folder, there may be chance of deleting important email folder from Outlook. The deleted folder will move to “Deleted Items” folder and therefore you can retrieve the deleted folder onto the original location. If you have emptied “Deleted Items”, then you will lose the folder containing important emails
  • Upgrading Outlook: While upgrading Outlook from older version to newer version, some of the PST files may get corrupted because of some errors. Due to corruption of PST files, you may lose not only email folder but also some of the Outlook information
  • Corruption of PST File: Email folders might get deleted due to PST file corruption. The PST file may get corrupted due to virus attack, closing Outlook while it is transferring mails in the background or due to corrupt emails
  • Oversized PST Files: If the PST file exceeds the size limitation as per the MS Outlook version, then it gets corrupted and Outlook will not let you open or save any new data on it and hence due to this you may also lose your email folders

How is it possible to recover deleted email folder?

In order to recover every deleted email from Microsoft Outlook you have to be fast. All you need is efficient email recovery software, like Yodot Outlook PST repair. So, what can be done if you have lost important emails or email folder? Make sure you have free space on your hard disk, try not to add anything nor copy music from any external device. By keeping these rules you will give yourself the chance to recover your valuable emails successfully.

Introduction about the software

Yodot Outlook PST Repair is a repair cum recovery tool, which repairs corrupted PST files, and at the same time recover deleted email folder from Outlook PST file of Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 versions. Along with deleted email folders, it also recover deleted Contacts, Notes, Calendar Items, Tasks, etc. This software generates the new PST file that can be easily imported back to the Outlook profile. It represent all the repaired items through Outlook style browser view.

Step by Step Procedure

  • Download Yodot Outlook PST Repair software in to your computer and install it
  • After installation, run the software in order to start the recovery process
  • Select the option “Open PST file” if you already know the location of PST file
  • Choose “Find PST file” option, if you are not aware of the PST file location
  • Select the option “Select Outlook profile” in order to open the PST file if you have several Outloook profiles
  • Browse for the desired path and click on “Repair”. This option not only repairs but also recover all the emails that you have deleted
  • After the completion of the process you are able to view not only emails but also other stuffs such as Contacts, Notes, Journals, etc.
  • Select the desired one and ignore the unwanted one


  • Never compact your .pst files or save any new data onto the drive after you have deleted email folder
  • It is good practice to check and delete unwanted emails from Inbox as well as from “Deleted Items” folder in Microsoft Outlook regularly. If you do not delete unwanted emails from Outlook then due to large PST file you may end up losing Outlook data
  • Exit Outlook properly so that you can avoid loss or corruption of Outlook data

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