How Do I Recover Deleted Items from Microsoft Outlook?

“While working on my Outlook, I noticed that there are so many spam mails, notes, tasks and others in it. Since I was in a hurry I have selected some of the items from my Outlook and gave command to delete it. After deleting it I realized that I had deleted some important emails and other Outlook items related to my work. Now I could not see them in “Deleted items” folder as I have the habit of emptying it after each deletion. Does anyone know how to get back deleted items from Outlook account?”

It is quite true that number of spam mails coming to our inbox has increased considerably in last few years. In a hurry to get on with our work, you usually delete most of these spam messages, unwanted emails from mailbox folders, etc. But it happens more often that while deleting unneeded mails, you may erase items that are very important for your work. You are lucky if you can find those deleted Outlook items in “Deleted Items” folder. But what if you have emptied deleted items folders or remembered about the deleted items after 14 days (The deleted items in Microsoft Exchange server are maintained only for 14 days). There are no manual ways to help you in restoring deleted Outlook items, expect an Outlook data recovery tool.

Scenarios that leads to deletion of Outlook items are:

  • Using “Shift Delete” Keys: You may directly delete certain items from Outlook by using “Shift + Delete” keys. Items deleted from Outlook in this way bypasses the Deleted Items folder and Windows OS does not provide any other option to restore them
  • Emptying “Deleted Items” Folder: Outlook items will be moved to “Deleted Items” folder if you use “CTRL+D” keys. Again if you make use of “CTRL+D” on “Deleted items” folder, then items will be deleted from Outlook PST file
  • Deleted by Antivirus Software: Antivirus software scanning hard drive or incoming and outgoing mails may delete some of Outlook items, if it finds them infected by viruses or other harmful threats
  • Other Causes: Other situation where deletion happens is when you believe that you don’t need particular mail message, calendar item or note and delete it. But after few days/weeks, you may find that still you have some work with deleted items

Other than these, you can find number of reasons that leads to loss of items from Outlook PST file. However, professional Outlook data recovery software is what you need to get back deleted items from Microsoft Outlook account.

Tool to recover deleted Items from Outlook

Here you can take the help of Yodot Outlook PST Repair software for recovering deleted items from the Outlook. It will actually scan the drive where your PST file is located and extract deleted data from it. It supports recovery of deleted items from MS Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000 versions on Windows PC. You might wonder being repair software, how does it recover deleted items? Well, even if it is repair software it has the ability to repair and restore deleted items from MS Outlook. You can preview the Outlook items that are recovered by this tool in separate window. This software is available in free demo version, using which you can recover and analyze obtained results to measure its efficiency.

Step by step procedure to retrieve deleted Items

  • Download Yodot Outlook PST repair software and install the software to your computer
  • Launch the software and start the repair process, where you can see three options from the main screen
  • Click on “Open PST File” option to choose the PST file, if you know the exact location
  • Make use of “Find PST File” option to search for your PST file
  • Utilize “Select Outlook Profile” option to select the PST file, if you have multiple user accounts
  • Choose the suitable scanning technique and preferred location. Then click on “Repair” button to start the repair process
  • After completing repair process, you will be able to view the repaired Outlook mails and other elements

Suggestions to Follow

  • Backup your PST file regularly in order to compensate for data loss
  • Check “Deleted Items” folder before you empty it
  • Avoid emptying “Deleted Items” folder soon after deleting mails, notes, contacts, calendar items and other Outlook items from your mail account
  • Do not close Microsoft Outlook improperly

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