Fix Outlook PST File on Windows 7

“I have configured my official email account to Outlook on my computer which is running with Windows 7 operating system. Yesterday evening I was working on Outlook and my system stopped responding. I waited for long time but still nothing happened. So I thought restarting system might get it to normal and hence restarted. But restarting did not resolve the problem and in turn created a big issue. My Outlook PST file is not opening and displaying an error message indicating that it is corrupted. Please someone help me to get out of this problem?”.

At the time of working on your Outlook, you may receive a warning message which indicates that your primary PST file containing all of your email data, has become corrupted or is not being read properly. In case this happens to you, then don’t be tensed as you can make use of Inbox Repair Tool to fix any kind of errors that Outlook displays while accessing information from it. But disadvantage of using this tool is, most of the time it will not help you to fix corrupted PST and in turn make it severely damaged. However, all hope is not lost because you can utilize reliable Outlook Repair software to get your Outlook repaired without damaging it further

What causes Outlook to get corrupted on Windows 7?

There are many reasons that corrupts Outlook PST file on Windows 7 and stops you from viewing data from it. One of the most probable causes that Outlook or in fact many computer program may face is the attack of virus or malware. Viruses have got the ability to corrupt Outlook file making it inaccessible to its users. Apart from this reason Outlook on Windows 7 computer may get damaged as a consequence of power outage, termination without hitting on “Exit” option, sharing PST over network, CRC errors and so on.

Outlook PST file repair tool for windows 7:

As already mentioned above, if you cannot get rid of error messages even after using Inbox Repair Tool; then utilize authorized Outlook PST Repair utility like Yodot Outlook PST Repair to fix all the issues related to PST file on Windows 7 computer. This effective PST file repair software fixes corrupted Outlook PST file irrespective of the cause on PC or laptop working with Windows 7 OS. It is a read-only repair utility which extracts only the contents from original PST file and creates new file on a location specified by you. With the aid of this program, you can repair and at the same time restore items like emails, attachments, journals, tasks, notes, contacts, calendars items, etc from repaired Outlook PST file. Apart from supporting Outlook PST file created on Windows 7, it can repair damaged / corrupted PST file on Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Follow the below listed steps to repair PST file on Windows 7 computer:

  • Download and install Yodot Outlook PST Repair software on your system
  • Launch the software to start repairing Outlook PST file
  • Select “Open PST File” option if you know the location of Outlook PST file
  • Click “Find PST File” if you want to search for the PST file on the system
  • Go for “Select Outlook Profile”to select PST file from specific Outlook profile
  • Make your selection for scanning corrupted PST file from “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan” and click on “Next”
  • Once the scanning gets completed, the information of attributes present in the PST file will be displayed on the screen
  • Save repaired PST file in a location that you prefer on your Windows PC

Points for Consideration:

  • Always exit Outlook prior to turning off your computer
  • Using “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” keys is a best option to choose instead of restarting your PC if something happens to it
  • Keep on scanning your Windows 7 computer with Antivirus software to eliminate viruses