How to Scan and Repair Outlook PST File?

“I use Outlook application as email client on my Windows desktop to manage my mail account. It becomes easy for me to handle emails, contacts and other mail attributes along with RSS feeds using MS Outlook application. However, recently I encountered an uneven situation after upgrading the Outlook version. My Outlook stopped working after I upgraded its version, I still could not trace out what is the actual problem. When I try to open my Outlook profile, an error message gets displayed reading like this, “The file C:\Users\$username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\*.pst is not an Outlook data file (.pst)” How to fix this problem? Please provide any good suggestion.”

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email client among most of the computer users worldwide. It provides various features to arrange my emails and other mail attributes like contacts, notes, journals, appointment events, etc. within a single data file called PST. Nevertheless, there are many situations that cause inaccessibility of all your account information within an eye blink. In addition to the above mentioned error, there are number of other errors which one can face while using Outlook such as, "The server could not be found or Error 0x800CCC0F", "there's a problem with this drive. scan the drive now and fix it" and "drive:\path\file name.pst could not be found" etc. So, first let us slide through few common reasons that cause you loss of Outlook data below here:

  • Malicious viruses have vital role in corrupting Outlook PST file that brings upon inaccessibility of the mail items
  • Following wrong procedure to migrate Outlook from current version to newer version can also cause damage to the PST file
  • Abrupt termination of Outlook application while downloading any email due to power loss / accidentally clicking on Close button can all cause damaged PST file
  • When Outlook PST file exceeds its size limit, then complete PST file errors out due to oversize
  • Other times wrong deletion of PST file from users account or missing of .dll files associated with PST file, re-installation of OS, presence of bad sectors on hard disk, etc. will cause PST file corruption

If you ran into any of these situations, then Outlook PST file displays error messages when tried to open and you might think how to resolve the problem with Outlook PST file in order to access the mails. Continue reading to find out the best solution.

What should be done when Outlook doesn’t work?

First and foremost, take backup of corrupted or damaged PST file to some different location and try to scan and repair Outlook PST file using inbuilt repair tool. Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt repair utility provided by Microsoft Office to fix issues of PST file. Just, run the utility after closing Outlook application. It scans the PST file and fixes the damage. But of the times, Scanpst.exe fails to fix severe errors in Outlook PST file. Thus it is recommended to make use of safe and secure third party PST file repair tools to scan and fix PST file successfully.

Software that helps you to fix PST file by scanning its errors:

One of the most reputed and trustworthy repair tools for Microsoft Outlook PST is Yodot Outlook PST Repair. The program is packed with high-tech repair solution to scan and repair Microsoft Outlook PST within few clicks. The tool can repair and recover contents from damaged Outlook PST file by providing two scanning options i.e. “Normal Scan” and “Smart Scan” which helps to determine the level of corruption and assists in mending it without altering original quality. In case you are not aware of PST file location then, the software provides you with the option to search PST file. With the utilization of this software you can fix PST files created using 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010 versions of Microsoft Outlook running on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating system.

Steps to perform PST repair process:

  • Terminate Outlook application if opened and download Yodot Outlook PST Repair tool on your Windows system
  • Then install and launch the tool by following given instructions
  • Now, in the main screen you will come across the following three options
  • “Open PST” – select this option if the location of PST file is known
  • “Find PST” – select this option if the PST file location is unknown
  • “Select Outlook Profile” – go for this option if there are multiple Outlook profiles
  • Once you browse and select PST file, click on repair button
  • The software scans the PST file, repairs all irregularities
  • View the repaired PST file in Outlook styled view after completion of repair process
  • Then specify a destination location and save the PST file to access its attributes

Important Note:

  • Avoid abrupt closing of Outlook application frequently
  • Use powerful antivirus scanner to treat the malicious viruses before it corrupts the PST file