Fix Issue When Outlook 2010 Inbox Not Updating Automatically

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“It seems to be very simple, but I am unable to fix issue when Outlook 2010 inbox not updating automatically on Windows 7 computer. I need to change setting in order to update Outlook 2010 inbox automatically? Is it necessary to go for reinstallation or reconfiguration of Outlook 2010 application? Please help me!”

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 users can consider tones of factors for this kind of situation. As a basic remedy Outlook 2010 users can go as per following instructions:

First go to “Send/Receive” tab on Outlook ribbon bar; select “Send/Receive Groups” -> click on “Define Send/Receive Groups…” option. Then tick on "Schedule an automatic send/receive entry" and specify time limit.

After enabling automatic schedule option, if Outlook 2010 fails to update inbox folder automatically, then try below steps and check outcome:

  • Open MS Outlook 2010 and right-click on "Inbox" folder and choose "Properties" option
  • In Properties dialog box select the "Administration" tab, ensure "Update mode" under "Automatic Folder Updates" is set to "Full"
  • In "Automatic Folder Updates", hit on "More". Now you will find list of all the folders will be shown along with "Inbox"
  • Expand "Inbox" to get all folders under Inbox
  • Check the folders that you want to have automatically and set them either to "Full" or "Headers" by clicking on "None" on the right side
  • Exit from Outlook 2010 and re-open it to verify results

If these settings are already enabled in Outlook 2010 and same problem persists, then remove and re-add Outlook 2010 account and check the result. In case this method is not succeeded, you might have configured PST file improperly in Outlook 2010. So create and configure Outlook 2010 email profile with the assistance of experts. During the process, if you come across any situations like Outlook 2010 PST file corruption or don’t have backup of Outlook 2010 PST file data, you can make use of Yodot Outlook PST Repair software.

Outlook 2010 PST file repair software:

Yodot Outlook PST Repair is competent tool well-organized with superior modules and advanced algorithms, which helps to resolve issues when Outlook 2010 inbox not updating automatically on Windows computer. This software has the capability to fix PST file after Outlook 2010 cannot update inbox due to various complex reasons. Moreover, it successfully rescues inaccessible mailbox folders like inbox, outbox, sent items, personal folders, drafts, etc along with contacts, calendar items, notes, journals and many more in few steps. Along with repairing PST file when Outlook 2010 not updating inbox, one can also fix PST file after Outlook 2010 failed to update headers error, Outlook synchronization error, MAPI was unable to load msncon.dll error and other logical errors in Outlook 2010. Including Outlook 2010, it can support repair of Outlook PST and OST data files on Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000 versions and troubleshoot several problems. In addition, this utility is flexible to operate on laptop or desktop installed with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 8.1, 8, Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems.

Simple steps to fix issues when Outlook 2010 not updating inbox folder:

  • Download Yodot Outlook PST Repair tool onto Windows system and install it
  • After installation, run the software to start fixing Outlook 2010 PST file
  • Main panel includes “Open PST file” or “Find PST file” or “Select Outlook profile” options
  • Select any of these options and browse affected Outlook 2010 PST file that is not updating inbox automatically
  • Later select precise scanning technique and browse for target location to save fixed Outlook 2010 PST file and click on “Repair” button
  • After deep scanning of selected Outlook 2010 PST file, this application will show repaired PST file with all Outlook 2010 personal folders

Helpful Tips:

  • If you don’t know exact process, then do not try to configure PST file in Outlook 2010
  • Taking backup of Outlook 2010 PST file data will help you at the time of loss or corruption of Outlook 2010 data file or system issues

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