Fix Outlook PST when Scanpst.exe Tool Fails to Repair

Microsoft Outlook holds all your emails and other Outlook items like folders, contacts, notes, journals, calendar etc in a .pst file. If this Outlook PST file gets corrupted or damaged, or if it's not working as usual, you might have used the scanpst.exe tool which comes along with Microsoft Office pack itself. Scanpst.exe is designed to diagnose and repair inconsistencies in the .pst file, hence making it possible to be accessed again.

Microsoft also provides other repair tools such as SCANOST, which repairs the errors in the Offline Storage folders. As most of these utilities are free, it’s easier for Outlook users to fix unexpected errors occurring in the PST file. But scanpst.exe tool may not able to repair and recover all the data from the Outlook PST file. Because at times when PST is severely corrupted or infected with malicious software or in case you have deleted an email, the scanpst.exe will not be able to to repair it.

Why is scanpst.exe tool not repairing my PST file?

Whenever some irregularities occur in Outlook, SCANPST automatically prompts with a message asking permission to fix the corrupt PST file or sometimes when you infer that your .pst file is corrupt, you make use of scanpst.exe for repairing it.

As you run the SCANPST and browse to select the Outlook PST file, the SCANPST checks the file directory structure and file headers (low-level objects) for corruptions and tries to repair the file. But it does not repairs the upper-level objects like messages, attachments, calendar items, subfolders, notes, etc. because the low-level structure does not have the information regarding the upper-level ones.

The worse condition is when SCANPST is unable to read the structure of a folder or item, then it deletes the entire folder with its subfolders, from the directory. Thus, you end up losing more data and land in further trouble.

The Best Solution for You!

Yodot Outlook PST Repair is the one stop solution for your Outlook related troubles. The software employs file-by file repair technique, hence ensuring high success in cases of repair. It scans the corrupt PST file, repairs each and every file sector vice and copying the recovered files to a completely new document. This methodology helps you to repair and recover email folders, sub-folders, emails, attachments, subject, message body, mail header, contacts, calendar items, notes, tasks, journals and even the deleted emails (but PST should not be compact).

Step-by-step repair process

  • Download Yodot Outlook PST Repair software on your system
  • Install and run the program
  • The main screen of the application offers you three options:
  • Open PST File - Click on this button to browse and locate the .pst file that is to be repaired

    Find PST File – Click on this button, if do not know the .pst file location. So select the drive and click “Find” button

    Select Outlook Profile – Click on this button, if you’re PC has multiple Outlook profiles and select the desired one to be repaired, from the list of .pst files

  • Click the scan process; either normal scan or smart scan based on corruption severity
  • Click on 'Browse' button to select destination folder where you want to save fixed Outlook PST file
  • After scan, preview your file in folder list for your confirmation

Finally, if you are satisfied with the result (definitely you are) click buy option to get full service of this application.

Precautionary Measures

  • Backup a copy of the PST file, before using Scanpst tool, to avoid unwanted loss
  • Maintain the PST file size as per the MS Outlook version, to prevent corruption
  • Do not terminate the Outlook improperly

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