Rescue Photos after Firmware Error on Digital Camera

Generally most of you are unaware that the camera you purchased can be even update with its new features without any cost using Firmware. The Firmware is set of instructions (software) programed on hardware component of your digital camera. This is one of the significant features of the digital camera that controls your digital upgradeable. You can download firmware upgrades form camera manufacturer website. This Firmware upgradation makes device efficient then original and often fixes bugs in the current firmware, sometimes enhances new functionality in order to work with new operating system you never had before.

Firmware is saved in the flash ROM, therefore its data can be rewritable and erasable. Usually it is assumed as “Semi-permanent”, because its content was same until you update it with Firmware updater. But care should be taken while updating Firmware, otherwise there is a possibility for missing of your precious photos due to firmware error on digital camera. Just ensure that once you start a Firmware updater, wait until the update finishes, since camera may not function if Firmware is not recognized completely. If you find severe data loss on your digital camera due to Firmware error, then don’t get upset!!! With the help of best photo recovery tool you can preform photo recovery after camera firmware error on digicam.

Why you will get Firmware error on digital camera?

  • Defective Firmware: Malfunctioning in the Firmware of digital camera may also one of the reasons for Firmware error or firmware bug sometimes. Fault in the firmware may pop up an error messages that "Image cannot be saved in the memory card”
  • Firmware Upgradation Failure: When the firmware in your digicam fails to update completely, due to interruption like sudden shutdown or camera running in low battery. This leads to firmware flash failure and causes of loss of media files
  • Misinterpretation During Up-gradation: The current version of firmware software is belongs to one region and If you upgrade the firmware belongs to other region, then it may leads to Firmware error
  • Other Reasons: Updating digital camera firmware using unauthenticated third party utility, virus attacks, downloading error etc may lead to camera or camcorder firmware error

Is it possible to recover photos after firmware error?

Yes!!! You can, in reality just index entries for those images files got removed, not the actual pictures. So, with aid of fine photo recovery software like Yodot Photo Recovery tool you can rescue missing captures from camera.

Short description about the software:

Yodot Photo Recovery tool is the appropriate application for all type of data loss problems regarding digital camera. Along with image files, the tool can bring back audio files, video files and other media files. This tool is designed with advanced technology and simple graphical user interface, so it is not necessary to have much technical knowledge. Apart from digital cameras, this software can retrieve photos, videos, music files and other documents from system hard drive, pen drive, external hard drives, iPods and memory cards used in portable gadgets like cell phones.

Steps for photo recovery:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software and install it to your Windows laptop or desktop
  • Connect your digital camera to the system and let the device get detected by system
  • Launch the application and follow the main screen simple instructions
  • You will find a window with two options, “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Choose “Lost Photo Recovery” option to regain missing photos after camera firmware error
  • The utility scans the Windows system and displays all the logical drives associated with it including the drive denoting digicam
  • Choose the drive representing camera and click on “Next” option
  • The application scans entire drive and displays all the photos in two different views, “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Preview the photos using “Preview” option and save the recovered photos to your desired location (Do not save on the same camera drive which might results in overwriting of data)

Instructions to follow:

  • Before updating Firmware of your digital camera, you need to be aware of the scheme your digital camera Firmware was using
  • After finding Firmware error stop using camera
  • Try to keep multiple copies of your favorite pictures on any storage media

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