Photo Recovery after Formatting

Losing photos due to accidental formatting is a common issue. People often format their hard drive partition, memory card or other removable storage media and end up losing their priceless pictures and sometimes the entire photo collection.

Individuals have a wrong conception that after formatting data is permanently removed. This is completely wrong because formatted data can be easily recovered. Because when you format a drive, a completely new file system is created and it deletes all the entries related to the stored photo files. This in turn indicates the OS that the memory space is free and can be stored with new data. So after formatting, don’t store any new file to the drive and without making any setback recover it using a recovery tool.

Which are the scenarios that cause loss of photos after formatting?

  • Formatting the entire hard drive unknowingly
  • Formatting the memory card or any other removable media that contained your valuable photos
  • Re-formatting the storage media and converting the file system that is FAT to NTFS or vice-versa
  • Unknowingly formatting the hard drive during OS reinstallation
  • Accidentally formatting the internal memory of your camera or mobile phone, while fiddling through the menu

Why Yodot Photo Recovery tool?

Our application for photo recovery is designed to provide effective recovery of photo files from all types of storage drives. In case you have lost your valuable photos directly from the camera or phone memory, then also recovery is possible, if the device’s internal memory appears as a drive when connected to a computer.

See the preview of pictures prior to recovering it with the preview feature and make sure whether right photo is been recovered and also with it's original quality. With the help of our application you can also recover high resolution RAW photos that are generated by professional digital cameras (DSLRs).

Working of the software

Here is the procedure for recovering photos after formatting the storage media;

  • In case, if you have formatted the entire drive then connect it to a new computer and if you have formatted a partition then download the software to another partition
  • Install and launch the Yodot Photo Recovery software and follow the on screen procedure
  • Choose the "Lost photo recovery" option from the two options available on the window
  • Select from the list of drives displayed on the screen
  • Select the file type you want to recover, in this case select picture option
  • After the scanning ends, choose the photos which you want to recover
  • Preview the photos to verify your selection
  • Select the location to save the recovered files. The location should be different from the recovering one

Things To Remember

  • Regularly back up your photos to prevent such situations of data loss
  • Make sure before formatting whether right drive as been selected or not
  • If the software is not able to recover a RAW photo, chances are that the image is recovered as a TIF file. So check those files also
  • To prevent formatting, enable the write protect switch of your memory card