AMR File Recovery from SD Memory Card

“Hi, I recorded few important audio clippings on my cellular phone that stored it with .amr file extension on phone’s SD card. However, while going through these audio files on my phone, I unexpectedly pressed delete button and erased all my AMR audio files from SD memory card. To worsen this situation I am out of current backup of files from that card. Can anyone suggest me proper method to recover AMR files from SD card? Kindly help me because, I can’t think of losing those AMR audio files. Thanks in advance.”

This unpleasant situation may bother users if lost or deleted AMR files are of high importance. AMR, Adaptive Multi-Rate is an audio Codec used to store spoken audio usually on normal mobile gadgets that are supported with audio recording option. AMR files get stored on storage device of mobile phones and other gadgets. The widely used and most popular storage device on gadgets is SD memory card. However, these .amr files on SD card may get lost in number of situations.

Most common situations of AMR file loss on SD cards are:

  • Accidental deletion of files: AMR files on SD card may get deleted due to user mistakes such as wrong selection of files while erasing unwanted audio files, pressing Delete All option while accessing SD card files on gadgets, etc
  • Formatting SD card: There are certain times, when SD card shows Format error soon after connecting it to system or any other gadget. If user proceeds with this error message and format the card then all its files will go in vain. In other instances, user may unexpectedly perform SD card format without piling up the necessary files from it
  • SD card corruption: SD memory card on any gadget may turn unreadable due to factors like virus infection, abrupt termination of card from gadget, using the same card on multiple devices, saving new data when its memory is full, etc. that results to inaccessibility of its files including AMR files
  • Interruptions while AMR file transfer process:While trying move files from SD card to system or vice versa, occurrence of interruptions like system shutdown, power surge, removal of SD card, etc. will end up to loss of those AMR files being transferredr

In any of these situations when AMR files from SD card are lost or deleted then user might think that files are gone forever. So, how to recover it back? Let me tell you this, when a file is removed from SD card by deletion or in any other way, file will not be lost permanently. Though its access details like index pointer will be erased from Registry, the file still exists in the same memory location. Hence, if the card is not used further after encountering file loss scenario, then missing and erased AMR files can be retrieved back easily with the use of eminent media file recovery tool.

Application to recover AMR files from SD card:

Yodot Photo Recovery is the best program to get back .amr files from SD card that were lost in various circumstances. The software is well engineered to perform quick and absolute scan on storage devices to rescue audio files of types AMR, AIFF, AIF, MP3, WAV, M4A, WMA, MIDI and so on. Along with restoration of AMR files, the utility provides an easy procedure of recovering erased video files from SD memory card or other media cards like SDHC, CF, MMC, SDXC, microSD, XQD, etc. flash memory cards. Apart from this, media files can be recovered back from other storage devices too such as system hard drive, portable hard drive, USB pen drive, Memory Stick, iPod and so on. One can easily employ this tool on Windows10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 OS based computers.

Steps to perform recovery of .amr files from SD card:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery on to any Windows computer
  • Connect your SD card to this system through card reader
  • Install the tool and launch it by following onscreen instructions
  • In main screen, you will find two options i.e. Deleted Photo Recovery and Lost Photo Recovery
  • Click on Deleted Photo Recovery option to extract deleted AMR files
  • Else, click on Lost Photo Recovery if lost or missing AMR files are to be recovered
  • In upcoming screen, all drives present on system will be displayed (including SD card)
  • Select the drive that represents SD memory card from which AMR files have to be recovered
  • By clicking next, you will be provided to choose required file types that you wish to restore
  • Next, software performs a quick scan of selected SD card to get back AMR files
  • In the upcoming screen, all restorable files will be listed under Data view / File Type view
  • Go through these files view its file description by clicking on preview
  • Now, specify destination location and save these files (Do not use same SD card to save recovered files, it might result in data overwriting)

Important Note:

  • Backup your necessary AMR files on external storage devices to set aback data loss
  • Avoid wrong usage of SD card while using it on gadgets to storage AMR files
  • Safe guard the SD card from entry of viruses by not using it on infected computers

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