Recovery of Deleted Data from Cell Phone

We all know that cell phones come mainly in communication category, but they offer user to listen music, capture photos, record videos and other facilities. Mobile phones provide huge data storage capacity to store thousands of music albums, images, videos and many more game applications. One can carry them wherever they want due to its portability. However, like other digital gadgets, cell phones can also become victim of unintentional or accidental data deletion.

It is very unfortunate to delete beloved media files from cell phone. Removing or deleting your precious data from cell phone without your notice is annoying, as you cannot estimate when the disaster of data deletion happens from your cell phone. Therefore it is better to have glance on various reasons behind deletion of data from cell phone.

Some common reasons which are responsible for data removal from Cell phone are:

  • Sometimes you may unintentionally delete photos, videos, songs from mobile phone while erasing unwanted data from it
  • Formatting the cell phone’s memory card will erase its complete data
  • Storing new data in cell phone storage space when it is running out of memory results in deletion of data
  • Virus or malware attack might cause deletion of data from cell phone

In case you come across any of these scenarios, then don’t worry about your precious cell phone data. You can recover deleted data from mobile phone by employing media files recovery software like Yodot Photo Recovery.

Cell phone data recovery software:

Yodot Photo Recovery is appropriate tool to recover deleted data from cell phone and its memory card on Windows system. This utility performs proficient data recovery and gets back deleted photos, songs, videos, documents and many more from cell phone. The application designed with simple instructions and interface, so users with less technical knowledge also restore deleted data from mobile phone. You can even rescue deleted or lost data from other devices like hard drives, pen drive, portable hard drives, memory cards, iPods, digital camera and others. Furthermore, you can preview recovered photos and other media files to ensure recovery of the marked files. This tool is highly compatible with all major versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Procedure for recovering data from cell phone:

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery application on Windows system by clicking on the link “Download now”
  • Connect cell phone to that Windows computer with the help of adaptor
  • Wait till it gets detected on system and run the utility and follow the on screen instructions
  • You will find two options on the main screen which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select first option i.e. “Deleted Photo Recovery” to restore deleted data from cell phone
  • Nest, the tool display all the drives present in the system. Choose the drive that represents cell phone card and continue further by hitting on “Next”
  • The program now starts scanning the selected drive and then displays list of files that needs to be recovered
  • Mark file and then go further to choose retrieved files by using two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • At last save them in your preferred location on your system, however not onto the same cell phone storage space

Tips to save data

  • After deleted data from cell phone do not store any new data in it
  • Backup data occasionally from cell phone to your computer hard drive or to an external storage device
  • To secure data on cell phone, avoid connecting it on unauthenticated systems and always use eject option to disconnect it from the host devices