Restore Data from Corrupted SD Card

SD is the abbreviation that is given to Secure Digital, which has non volatile memory card format. The SD card is the storage media that are most widely used in almost all other cameras and devices that are available to the users. Using this device, the user can save all his media files like photos, songs, video files in this device and access it when required.

So everything is fine when there is no disturbance in accessing or viewing of the files is concerned. There are certain situations which may arise all of a sudden and give you a lot of trouble, when you have the need to access those photos or other media files that are saved in SD card. The trouble which you might be facing is that the photos, which you had just captured in the camera or from the other device have gone missing or you may have accidentally deleted them while viewing those files.

First things first, when you have faced this situation calm yourself! There is all hope that those pictures can be restored. Using this Yodot Photo Recovery tool you can get back all the media files and other information that has been stored in it in no time. Now let us go through some of the scenarios that gave you a lot of hiccups:

  • Interruption during the format process: Unwanted interruption while formatting the SD card that is present will lead to its corruption
  • Malware infection: This malware infection causes damage to the file system of SD card, thereby corrupting the drive instantly
  • Power surge: Power surge also plays a major role in the corruption of memory card. During the read or write process, sudden loss of power will lead to the SD card corruption

Corrupt SD card data recovery tool:

This Yodot Photo Recovery tool is the outcome of highly qualified software professionals. The most welcomed feature of this software is that you can get back media files from all types of SD cards and other memory cards. The simple graphical user interface allows the user to easily complete the scanning process without undergoing much difficulty. Use the Save Recovery option that has been inserted in this tool, so that you can save the recovery process at any point of time and resume it at a later stage without having to rescan the entire drive again. All you have to do is to select the Saved Recovery session file and proceed with the scanning process.

Now get familiar with the steps that have to be followed to restore media files from the SD Card:

  • Download this recovery tool in the system and Install the same on your system
  • After you have installed it, connected the SD card to the system and launch the application
  • Main screen of the tool provides two options like “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” whichever is the scenario in which you have lost the files
  • After selecting the required option, all you need to do is to select the SD card and proceed with the scanning process
  • Once the scanning gets completed, the user can preview the recovered list of image files which are presented in a particular order
  • For Saving the files that are recovered all you need to do is to preview it to make sure that the correct file has been selected
  • Use the Save option to save the files on the desired hard drive location as opted by the user

Tips to loss of information from your SD card

  • Always use the proper procedure while ejecting the SD card from the device or from the system
  • Always double check the file which you want to delete and then select the delete option
  • Avoid using the SD card on multiple devices

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