Recovery of Windows Media Center Deleted Files

Windows Media Center is a Microsoft application used to organize and play media files like videos, pictures, songs, etc. This media player application acts also as digital video recorder as it allow to record live television. It can be easily streamed to play slideshow of pictures, to record and play HD videos from various storage devices like system hard drive, optical drives, etc.

With the use of Extender device, files on Windows Media Center (WMC) can be played on television sets flawlessly. This application supports to play various media file formats like 3GP, AVI, DIVX, MOV, MPEG4, WMV, AAC, AVCHD, WMA and XVID effortlessly. One can use this application on latest Windows OS based computers from XP and later versions. But, user may encounter deletion of Windows Media Center files accidentally and loss important files.

Given below are few scenarios that result in deletion of WMC files on Windows system:

  • While trying to remove unwanted music files, from WMC music library, user may accidentally select important file and erase it, which completely gets removed from computer by bypassing Recycle Bin
  • User may accidentally click for Remove folder option while trying to manage library on WMC and erase valuable media files from WMC
  • Recorded TV shows on WMC can be shared on network using shared folder. But any user accidentally erasing files from this folder will cause complete deletion of files

In various such scenarios, when WMC files are deleted from the library you can search these deleted files on computer. While deleting any files from Windows Media Center you might receive option to delete the file from Library only or from both library and computer. If you click on Library only then the deleted files will be still present on the system drive. And you can just restore it back to WMC by importing it. If you clicked for deleting from both library and computer, then only solution is to go for third party recovery tool.

One stop solution for deleted Windows Media Center files:

With the help of reliable media file recovery tool called Yodot Photo Recovery it is very simple to extract files like pictures, movies, videos, songs, etc. effortlessly. The software is comprised of outstanding recovery strategies to rescue deleted files like img, mov, avi, jpeg, mpeg4, divx, aac, 3gp and many more from Windows Media Player as well as Windows Media center on various Windows operated computers. It also guides users to perform deleted media file recovery from various storage devices like memory cards, Memory Stick, hard drives, iPod, MP3 players, etc.

Steps to retrieve WMC deleted files:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery tool on your Windows PC where files were deleted from WMC
  • Follow given instructions to install and run the utility on the system
  • As the main screen displays you will see two options, “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select Deleted Photo Recovery option and proceed
  • Then, select the partition from which media files were erased
  • Further, you can also specify file types that are to be recovered or just click Mark all option
  • Next, the software scans the partition for deleted WMC files and displays a list of recoverable files
  • Go through the files using Data View / File Type View options
  • Preview selected media files using Preview option
  • Then, select a destination location on system drive to save these restored media files

Important Note:

  • Erase media files from library of Windows Media Center not from computer
  • Go through proper guidelines before using Windows Media Center
  • Always keep multiple copies of important files to avoid accidental data deletion

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