Restore Deleted Photos from Galaxy S4 SD Card

“I had unintentionally deleted multiple photos using “Delete All” option on Samsung Galaxy S4 phone’s SD card. I have checked in PC as well as pen drive for those deleted photos, but I didn’t take backup of those picture files. Is it possible to recover deleted photos from Galaxy S4 SD card? I don’t want to lose those treasured images from Galaxy S4 SD card? Please help me!”

Link this, if you unwittingly deleted your loving photos from Galaxy S4 SD card, then don’t worry!! Erased Galaxy S4 SD card photos can be rescued back using any image recovery software. Usually, photos captured in Galaxy S4 are stored in its SD card; even Galaxy S4 users may collect plenty of images from various other sources and preserve those files in SD card. However, in some unfortunate situations Galaxy S4 phone users may tend to do faulty operations and face deletion of precious photos saved in its SD card. Let us discuss some reasons behind deletion of photos from Galaxy S4 SD card:

  • Formatting SD card on Galaxy S4 Smartphone or when it is connected to the PC will completely erase photos along with all other files
  • Mistakenly deleting cherished photos while removing redundant or duplicate images on Galaxy S4 SD card will delete those picture files
  • Virus attacks is other threat for deletion of photos stored in Galaxy S4 SD card, as it infects image files and erases them with or without any warning

Suppose, if you have deleted priceless photos from Galaxy S4 SD card in these cases, then don’t bother! As sated before you can get back erased pictures from Galaxy S4 SD card using trustworthy photo retrieval software.

Photo recovery tool for Galaxy S4 SD card:

Yodot Photo Recovery is an appropriate application for recovering deleted photos from SD card used in Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone on Windows computer. This software executes fast and rapid photo restoration process from Galaxy S4 SD card and successfully restores deleted images within few minutes. Including various formats of images, this tool can also restore deleted or missing videos, songs, text files, games and other media files from Galaxy S4 SD card. Along with Galaxy S4 Smartphone SD card, you can get back photos and other media files from digital cameras, camcorders, iPods, pen drives, laptop / desktop hard drives and other devices efficiently. You can retrieve data from Samsung Galaxy phone memory card of any model or brand on Windows desktop or laptop running with Windows 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1 operating systems.

Simple steps to bring back deleted photos from Galaxy S4 SD card:

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery utility to Windows system
  • Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 SD card via USB cable or card reader to that PC
  • Open the application and follow instructions which are given on-screen
  • From first screen, select “Deleted File Recovery” option to rescue removed photos from Galaxy S4 SD card
  • Afterwards, this program detects all the drives present on that computer along with Galaxy S4 SD card
  • Choose the drive that denotes Galaxy S4 SD card from where deleted photos are to be restored and click “Next”
  • Consequently, this software scans Galaxy S4 SD card and displays all deleted picture files from it
  • Tick the image files which are to be retrieved back and hit “Next” button
  • Finally, browse for destination location to save recovered photos on Windows PC. However, not to the same Galaxy S4 SD card to avoid data overwriting

Useful Tips:

  • It is extremely suggested not to save new files on Galaxy S4 SD card after deletion of photos, which may tend to overwriting of the original files
  • Often backup photos and other files saved on Galaxy S4 SD card to computer hard drive or on any other storage devices
  • Confirm your selection twice before employing “Delete” or “Format” on Galaxy S4 SD card

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