Can I Recover Deleted Photos from My Phone SD Card?

Phone SD Card RecoveryPhones are the best companions for people nowadays. People often use their cell phone to capture and store photos and record many other media files. A memory card helps cell phone to store all those captured photos. However photos from the phones SD card can be deleted due to several reasons. For instance, your friend borrowed your cell phone to view and share few precious photos. He marked all the photo files and instead of clicking send option he accidentally clicked on delete option, which resulted in complete photo deletion from your mobiles SD card. You had all your family pictures and vacation pictures on it. Don’t get upset if you have deleted your photos due to false operation because these deleted photos can be recovered back by using recovery software. There are numerous causes for photo deletion from phone SD card, some of the most prominent ones are explained below

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, you may delete photo files from your phone SD card accidentally. That is while deleting some unwanted photos you end up deleting your important ones and realize that you don’t even have the copy of those erased photos

Deleted while anti-virus scanning: Consider that you have set auto scan option on your anti-virus program. So when you connect your phone to your computer the antivirus automatically starts scanning your SD card and deletes your photo files if any injection is found

Note: It is highly recommended to stop using your phone SD card after any photo deletion; cause adding new files to your cell phone will result in overwriting of the deleted photos making recovery difficult.

Photo Recovery Software:

Yodot Photo Recovery is an amazing recovery utility, which helps you retrieve deleted photos from phone SD card. The software uses intensive scanning process to recover erased photos in no time. You can use this software to recover photos of all types like JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc. and even RAW images. The software supports photo recovery from not only mobile but also from other devices like DSLR cameras, camcorders, computer hard disk, iPods, flash drives, external hard drive and many more.

Simple procedure to retrieve deleted photos from phone SD card:

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery on Windows computer
  • Plug in your SD card to computer via card reader or data cable
  • Run the application to get its main screen
  • Choose “Deleted Photo Recovery” from the main screen
  • Select the drive which indicates your SD card and proceed
  • Choose the photo file types from the list and click on “Next”
  • The software starts scanning for the photo files and lists out all the files after completion
  • Preview the photos and save them to your desired destination location


  • Backup your photos and other important files from your SD card
  • Use branded card reader to avoid card corruption and data loss
  • Check twice or thrice before deleting any photos from your mobile phone

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