Get Back Photos from Thumb Drive

Thumb drive is portable device which users utilize to save their essential data. This device does not require any power source nor need any cables to set them up and get detected on Windows Explorer. At the same time you need not install any driver on your computer to view files from it. As it is of a thumb size, you can literally pick it and take anywhere. It is the cheapest yet most reliable storage device to keep your files safe.

Many users make use of this device to store their favorite pictures. However one of the worst and most unpredictable problems that users face with thumb drive is loss of photos which can be either due to accidental deletion or interruptions while accessing data from it.

Prominent causes for photo deletion from Thumb drive:

  • Deletion Before Copying: In order to transfer photos to your computer you may connect Thumb drive to it. However photos will be immediately deleted from Thumb drive if you copy them first and erase without pasting to specific location
  • Antivirus Scanning: It is a good practice to scan Thumb drive with antivirus software whenever you connect it to computer. However, if photos stored in Thumb drive is infected with dangerous viruses, then Antivirus software will remove them straight away without notifying about it
  • Formatting: Windows system has facilitated format option so that users can utilize it to erase entire data from a drive without needing to select files one by one which takes lot time. But sometimes you may mistakenly format drive containing important photos and other data

Photo recovery software for Thumb drive:

Basically, you have to look for finest photo recovery software that has ability to get back photos from Thumb drive without damaging it further. Yodot Photo Recovery is well known software to assist you in this regard. It can successfully recover all types of pictures along with videos, music files and other multimedia files from thumb drive. It offers the best results and thereby helps you to preserve the visual fidelity of recovered media files. Apart from deletion, you can use this software to recover pictures from formatted flash drive or thumb drive. Moreover you need not wait for long time to get your photos recovered as this application takes very less time to restore huge amount of data from devices such as computer hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drives, memory cards, memory sticks, iPod, multimedia player, MP6 player, MP3 player and so on.

Usually users format their Thumb drive with exFAT due to the flexible compatibleness provided by that File System. As an upshot the drive can be engaged on both Mac and Windows platforms. But, utilizing the same Thumb drive on different system sometimes result corruption of exFAT formatted Thumb drive. Thus exFAT files are not visible to users when they attempt to open them. Still you need not to worry, as Yodot works with numerous file system counting exFAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS etc and easily recovers your data.

Simple steps to recover photos deleted from Thumb drive:

  • First of all connect Thumb drive to your computer
  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software on your system in which you have connected Thumb drive
  • Launch the software and choose the “Deleted Photo Recovery” option
  • Click on the drive that indicates Thumb drive and tap on “Next” option to begin scanning
  • Next screen shows all the file types which can be recovered by this software
  • Select photo files which you want to restore; otherwise click on “Skip” option to choose entire files by default
  • Verify recovered image files by using two view types and preview them for confirmation
  • At last save restored photos in a safe as well as accessible location

Points to Consider:

  • Make sure that you don’t connect Thumb drive to any device which is unknown to you
  • Never delete any files from thumb drive before copying to the required location

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