How to Recover Deleted Photos from Computer?

Updated on January 24, 2020

Photos plays a vital role in everyone's life, as they contain a lots of cherrished memories, and so most of us save them on your computer as backup. But still, our photos are not safe on our computers, and we may lose our valuable pictures of our life due to various reasons. It can be either due to accidental deletion, Shift + Deleting the files, emptying the recycle bin after deletion, hard drive crash, etc. Whatever may be the reason, at the end of the day, we will be the ultimate loser of valuable files.

Now, the question is how to recover deleted pictures on computer? Don't worry! The deleted photos can be easily recovered if the deleted photos are not overwritten with new files on your computer hard drive. Actually, when any file/files are deleted from a computer, the memory space occupied by them gets freed up. And the deleted files are recoverable unless the deleted files memory space is not occupied with new files. So, if you want to recover deleted photos from computer, immediately stop using the drive from where photos are deleted, and Opt for trusted and reliable Photo Recovery Software like Yodot to get back your deleted pictures. Before going to know how to retrieve deleted pictures from computer, let's have a glance at the scenarios in which photos gets deleted from computers.

How Photos Get Deleted from Computer?

  • Accidental Deletion: At times, while removing unwanted stuffs from our computer, we may accidentally delte few important images along with unwanted files. Then, the big mistake we do is emptying the recycle bin or Trash folder in order to increase the free space in the system that results in permanent deletion of all the files
  • Deletion of Photos by Antivirus Software: If your photos have been infected with viruses, then the antivirus tool installed in the computer will wipe out all the data stored. Hence proper settings must be done in order to prevent the unintentional photo deletion from computer
  • Accidental Format: You may accidentally end up formatting the logical drive while trying to create new partitions; this causes deletion of photos that were saved in the logical drive. Even during the installation process of multiple operating systems in the computer, you might accidentally format the wrong partition containing your photos
  • Other Scenarios: System restore, re-partitioning the drive without having data backup, hard drive failure, OS Malfunctioning, Interruptions during photo files transfer process, etc. are the other scenarios in which we lose our image files from our computers.

Yodot Photo Recovery - Free Tool to Recover Deleted Pictures on Computer:

When you come across any of these photo deletion scenarios, need not worry! Yodot Photo Recovery tool can get back all your deleted photos in a copule of minutes. The tool recovers RAW image format, TIFF, GIF, NEF, CRW, BMP, PNG, DNG, JPG, JPEG, ARW, CR2, and all other popular image file formats. Along with image files, it can also recover deleted or lost video files, music files, documents, and other files from your computer, external hard drive, memory cards, pen drives, USB flash drives, and other storage devices. All you have to do is download and install the free version of Yodot Photo Recovery Software on your computer and follow the given below procedure to recover deleted photos.

NOTE: If you want to recover deleted pictures on computer, then immediately stop using the drive from where you lost or deleted your photo files. If the deleted or lost photo files are overwritten with new files, then no one can help you in recovering deleted pictures from your computer. Before saving new files on the deleted pictures memory space, recover them back with Yodot Photo Recovery tool.

Steps to Recover Deleted Pictures on Computer with Yodot Photo Recovery:

  • Download and install the free version of Yodot Photo Recovery Software on your computer
  • Launch the software and click on “Deleted Photo Recovery” that is provided in the main screen
  • Upon selecting this option you will be presented with the set of drives from the computer, both physical and logical
  • Select the one from where your pictures are deleted and click on Next button
  • Here you need to select the file types that have to be restored and then proceed with scanning process by clicking on Next button
  • Once the scanning process gets completed you will be listed with set of image files that can be restored
  • Use the Find tool option to select the exact photo that is required
  • Options are provided to preview the photos before they can be saved to desired destination location

Backup Tips:

  • Double check your files before deleting them
  • Keep backup of your photos in a separate external hard drive
  • Use the best antivirus application to prevent your system from virus infection

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