How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Windows 8?

“I own a Windows 8 laptop on which several important personal and official files are stored. I tried to resize a partition on laptop drive and ended up in deleting a set of important photos. I searched Recycle Bin but couldn’t find the photos there. I don’t even have a backup of those erased files. How to recover deleted photos on Windows 8? Please help.”

Windows 8 is one of the most used operating system. The OS provides built-in antivirus software, basic repair tools and many advanced features. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide data security against accidental deletion. One such situation is exclaimed above wherein photos got deleted from Windows 8. There are many such situations wherein pictures can get removed from Windows 8 computer such as:

  • Pictures deleted using Command Prompt.
  • Using Shift + Del keys to remove images.
  • Emptying Recycle Bin.
  • Enabled the option, “Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted.”
  • Deleting pictures from externally connected storage media on Windows 8.

Recycle Bin is the last option to restore deleted files on Windows computer. In all the above mentioned situations, deleted pictures are not stored in Recycle Bin folder and thus, user face loss of images that were unintentionally deleted.

How to Get Back Deleted Photos in Windows 8?

Even though Recycle Bin folder doesn’t hold deleted pictures, there is no need to worry. This is because, just by deleting a picture file it is not completely removed from system drive. The file still exists on the same memory location unseen and inaccessible by operating system. So, by making use of efficient photo recovery tool it is very simple to extract deleted photos on Windows 8 computer.

Reliable Picture Recovery Tool to Rescue Deleted Photos in Windows 8:

Yodot Photo Recovery is the most recommended simple and secure application that can effortlessly restore erased images on Windows 8 computer. The software can retrieve picture files such as .jpeg, .jpg, .img, .pic, .psd, .tiff, .gif and many more from storage devices like system hard drives, external hard disks, flash memory cards, Memory Sticks, pen drives and so on. Also, the tool can retrieve media files like videos, audios and RAW images on Windows 8 as well as Windows 10,7, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and XP. One can use this tool to restore deleted pictures from laptop hard drive, external HDD, memory cards, USB flash drive, pen drive, FireWire drives, and many more storage devices.

Deleted Photo Recovery Guide for Windows 8:

  • Download, install and launch the software on to Windows 8 computer.
  • From the given two options in the main window, select “Deleted Photo Recovery” option.
  • By clicking next, select the drive/partition from which pictures are deleted.
  • Software starts to scan the drive for deleted photos.
  • After completion of scan process, a list of recovered images will be displayed on the screen.
  • You can select the required files with the help of Data view / File Type view display.
  • Click on preview option to view selected photo files.
  • Next, select a new destination location on system to save restored files and click on Save.

Precautionary measures

  • Do not erase pictures from command prompt on Windows 8
  • Avoid emptying Recycle Bin folder without going through the files saved here
  • Do not use shift delete keys to erase picture files until you are sure that they are not required further
  • Disable the option in Recycle Bin properties that bypasses deleted images causing complete deletion

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