How to Retrieve Deleted Songs from Memory Card?

Phone SD Card Recovery“My MP3 player had vast collection of songs saved on its memory card. Today when I connected this player on my Windows system to add few newly arrived songs, I had to remove some old songs to make free space. During this course of action, I accidentally erased some of the excellent songs that are very hard to recollect. How can I get back deleted songs from memory card? Please help.”

Memory cards are the most commonly used storage media on number of devices to save media files like pictures, videos, audios and so on. Mobile phones, Smartphones, MP3 players, video recorders, camcorders, etc. can record audio and download songs from internet, saves these files on memory card mounted on them. But most of the times, users experience loss of music files from memory cards due to carelessness as mentioned in the above scenario.

Few other scenarios wherein songs are deleted from memory card are:

  • Accidentally erasing all files on memory card by selecting ‘Delete All’ option
  • Sometimes use of unauthorized antivirus software to scan threats on memory cards can erase infected audio files without any confirmation
  • When card is connected to system, instead of performing ‘scan’ option mistakenly selecting ‘Format’ option will cause deletion of all files including songs
  • Harmful virus infection to memory card, using same memory card on numerous gadgets, etc. can also cause deletion of music files from memory card

When songs are erased from memory card in above mentioned scenarios, one need not worry in the presence of proper backup. If not, then first and foremost stop using the card for any further processes and immediately make use of memory card file recovery software to regain deleted music files. This is possible because, deleting a file doesn’t mean that it is completely removed from storage media like memory card. It just becomes invisible by losing its access permissions (registry file entries) from file allocation table; hence user / the OS cannot trace out the file even though it is still present on the card. Unless any new data is saved on the memory card, deleted songs can be easily retrieved back from it.

Bring back erased songs from memory card:

To carry out accurate recovery of deleted music files from memory card, one should go for Yodot Photo Recovery, which is the most proficient and safe recovery software. Though the name suggests restoration of photos, this tool is ranked high for recovery of songs too. This media file retrieval tool is capable of extracting deleted, lost / missing files from memory cards like SD, CF, mini SD, SDHC, micro SD, CF, XQD, MMC, etc. with ease. This audio file restoration program can be utilized to get back media files from memory cards, Memory Stick, flash drive, hard drive (internal and external) and other storage devices of various manufacturers such as SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Toshiba, iBall, Sony and many others. One can employ this software on computers having MS Windows OS versions – 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2008 to perform trouble-free deleted songs recovery.

Procedure for recovering deleted songs on memory card:

  • Connect your memory card from which songs are deleted to a Windows system
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software on that Windows system
  • Install the program and launch it. From the given two options in the main screen, select “Deleted Photo Recovery” option
  • Next window shows all physical and logical drives present on the system
  • Select the drive representing externally connected memory card and select file types to recover
  • Software now starts to scan the memory card for recovering erased files
  • After completion of recovery process, you can preview the recovered files in “Data View” or “File Type View” based lists
  • Then target destination location on the system to save retrieved files and click “save”

Valuable Tips:

  • Never save recovered files to the same memory card on which music file recovery was performed
  • Do not use same memory card on various gadgets as it may cause corruption of card
  • Maintain multiple backup of favorite songs in different devices

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