Digital Image Restoration on Windows OS

With the arrival of new technologies, usage of digital devices is increasing these days. Almost every individual uses digital cameras, mobile phones and other gadgets especially to capture digital photos. On ground basic, digital images are lens focus of real world. Nowadays everyone wishes to capture and preserve every special event in their lives in the form of digital pictures.

No user would remove or delete digital pictures that are stored in system or any other devices. However, some moments creates panic in users when they accidentally delete or lose precious digital images. Reasons which might lead to loss or deletion of digital pictures from system or other digital gadgets are listed below:

  • Unintentionally clicking / pressing delete option: Digital technology provides amazing features in digital devices like touch screen and multitasking. Everything is based on touch panels, so there are greater chances of digital pictures getting deleted mistakenly when your finger slips to some disastrous option like “Delete” or “Delete All” option. In few instances, users may accidentally click on Shift key with Delete option on Windows system and end up deleting digital pictures from its storage space
  • Formatting: Sometimes you may involuntarily click on the tedious option “Format”. All your digital images will be gone in one click along with other files which you might have saved in your system or digital camera, Smartphone and other devices
  • Additional causes: Other reasons for loss of digital pictures includes continuously capturing images on digicams or cell phones; virus attacks on camera memory card; storage drive file system corruption; hurriedly removing memory cards from the camera, mobile phones or system, etc.

Digital Image Recovery Software:

Digital image recovery software like Yodot Photo Recovery software is crafted with advanced technology and algorithms, which helps you in restoring your deleted or missing digital photos on Windows system. The program can rescue digital pictures from removable storage devices like memory cards, iPods, pen drives, external hard drives, etc without modifying the original contents. Along with digital images, this digital picture recovery software will restore audio files, video files and other files efficiently from various storage media on Windows system installed with Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems. It also enables you to preview retrieved digital pictures in order to confirm recovery of correct photos.

Steps to get back digital pictures on Windows:

Note: If you deleted or lost digital pictures from any removable storage devices or digital gadgets, then connect that device to Windows system though USB port

  • Download the Yodot Photo Recovery software and install the software into Windows system
  • Launch this tool and follow the main screen steps
  • Select any of two options “Deleted Photo Recovery” or Lost Photo Recovery” to bring back missing or erased digital  pictures
  • Later application shows all the logical drives and externally connected drives on the Windows computer
  • Choose the drive from where you have to retrieve digital pictures and click  on “Next” button
  • The program deeply scans the selected drive and displays all the deleted or missing digital photo files from it
  • Select the image files, which you want to regain back and one can even preview the digital pictures before saving them by using “Preview” option
  • Afterwards save the recovered digital photos to your preferred location, but not to the same storage space from where have restored digital images

Do’s and don’ts:

  • Always try to keep your system and other digital gadgets free from viruses using appropriate anti-virus software
  • Do not capture when your digital camera is running in low battery
  • Avoid using your computer or any other removable storage device after deleting or losing digital pictures to overcome overwriting of data