How to Get Back Encrypted Pictures?

“I have encrypted a folder containing photos by using Windows built in utility. But, now that folder is converted to shortcut and it does not show any photos present in it. I don’t know what went wrong but I need those photos back. As I am not aware of using Windows Backup feature, I have not created its backup as well. Can anyone let me know whether it is possible to retrieve encrypted photos or I am just out of luck?”

Encryption is a feature of Windows operating system that you can utilize to save information on your hard drive in encrypted form. It is the best way to securely keep your photos and other files. Encrypting a file or folder is very easy; just right click upon particular photo or folder, then select a check box in the properties to turn it on. Even though your photos are in encrypted form, they may get lost in any situation as explained above.

Other events responsible for loss of encrypted photo are:

  • Virus or malware attacks on encrypted photos could turn healthy photos into shortcuts and you will not see anything except blank window when you try to open it
  • You may accidentally choose encrypted photos to delete while removing unwanted files from Windows computer using Command Prompt
  • Power surge while moving encrypted pictures from one location to another on hard drive might remove them from source destination
  • Accidental deletion and disabling save option in Recycle Bin permanently erases deleted encrypted photos from computer hdd

Encrypted photo recovery software:

Download Yodot Photo Recovery software in order to rescue encrypted photos missing or deleted in original image file format. It can recover all generic photo file types and even RAW image file formats captured from different DSLR camera and camcorder models. Many users were surprised when they recovered even deleted videos, music, documents and other data back along with encrypted photos. This application is programmed in with effective modules to restore complete data from hard drive without damaging files during recovery. So you need not download separate software to recover movies, music files and other documents from all supported storage devices. Free demo version of software will allow you to scan and restore your photos as well as permit you to save recovery session so that you can resume it later after activating full version of the software. Also, you can save restored images to any location which you feel is safe on your computer or on external storage drive. In addition, if you lose any data in future, you need not download this image recovery software again and recover your files using same software which is already installed on your computer. It will display encrypted photos along with the folder in which you have saved them.

Note: Make sure that you remember password which you have assigned to encrypt pictures as it is necessary to enter password once you recover photos using this software.

Directions to restore encrypted photos:

  • At first download Yodot Photo Recovery software and install it to your Windows computer
  • Now run the application and choose any one option either “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Choose hard drive or external storage drive from where you need to restore encrypted photos
  • Soon after selecting specific drive click on “Next” to begin the scanning process
  • Mark on required file types to recover or else hit on “Skip” to recover all file types by default
  • Click on “Data View” or “File Type View” for easy selection of files
  • Preview recovered photos for confirmation and finally save them on desired location on your computer

Valuable Measures:

  • Do not use Command prompt function to erase encrypted photos from your computer
  • Make sure that you keep backup of important photos before encrypting photos on your storage drive