Recovery of Formatted Videos from Memory Card

“Please help me!! I am standing in an annoying situation. I used the memory card of 16 GB as a secondary storage device in mobile phone to store all the pictures and other important data. From so long I did not backup the data present in my cell phone memory card. Recently I thought to backup for entire data saved in that memory card. Therefore, I connected it to my Windows computer. While opening the devices on system, mistakenly my mouse pointer slips on “Format” option. What to do now? I had my beloved videos, priceless photos and other media files in that memory card. Can anyone suggest a way to retrieve them back? Thanks in advance.”

From above scenario one might understand how the deadly format option deletes the complete data and blocks access to your valuable videos files saved in memory card. There are various reasons and situations for formatting the memory card. Let’s get to know some of them:

  • Virus attack: Virus or malware corrupt file system of memory card and makes its data inaccessible. Therefore, one may consider virus attack as one of the major reasons that tends user to go for formatting memory card consisting of several video files
  • Formatting error: Abrupt removal of memory card and usage of memory card in different devices frequently can damage memory card’s file system. In such instant memory card might display formatting error, which will throw you at the end of data loss along with your favorite video files

If you don’t have multiple copies of formatted video files stored in memory card, then don’t worry. You can restore formatted video files along other media files from memory card using fine card recovery software. If you are confused about which software has to be used to retrieve formatted videos form memory card, then here it is recommended to use Yodot Photo Recovery tool.

Formatted video recovery from memory card:

Yodot Photo Recovery application brings back formatted videos from memory card in minimum amount of time on Windows system. It can also recover audio files, photo files and other media files from various storage devices like iPods, internal hard drives, external hard drives, pen drives, etc. This application rescues videos and other files from various memory card types manufactured by Kingston, Transcend, Lexar, Sony, Samsung and so on. This card recovery software has two separate versions to recover media files from storage drives on two different platforms i.e. Windows (Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003) and Mac (Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard) operating systems.

Follow simple steps to get video off memory card after formatting it:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery program in your Windows system
  • Install the application by logging as system administrator
  • Upon completion of installation of software, launch the utility with the help of shortcut icon provided on Windows desktop
  • From the main screen of the tool you will find two options such as, “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select the “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to restore formatted videos from memory card
  • Next you can select find all the drives of that Windows system including the memory card that is connected to the system
  • After selecting formatted memory card drive, the software scans in deeply and displays all the files from that storage media
  • In next step you would be able to select the video files that have to be restored
  • At last save the selected video files to the available destination location, but not to the same formatted memory card

Helpful tips:

  • Keep backup of your beloved videos in separate storage devices
  • Protect your memory card from viruses by using it in secure and virus free systems
  • Double check the memory card drive before formatting it

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