Extract Files from Canon PowerShot D20 Camera

“Help! Mistakenly, I have deleted some very important pictures from my Canon PowerShot D20 camera. Also I didn’t copy its image and video files to my laptop. Suggest me, what I can do to get back media files from Canon PowerShot D20 camera?”

Canon PowerShot D20 is a solid option if you are looking for a shockproof, waterproof rugged digital camera to catch high quality images and video footages. This GPS enabled 12 megapixel camera comes with 5x zooming lenses to make your photography experience amazing; definitely it is among the few best DSLR cameras you can have at present. However, there are some instances where you may lose files from your PowerShot D20 camera. Situation goes more problematic when you don’t find any back up of lost or deleted camera files. Luckily, users are blessed with some powerful photo recovery tools which can easily restore files from Canon PowerShot D20 DSLR camera. Therefore, you can avail such smart option to undelete your favorite photos and videos from your camera.

Why you lose files from Canon PowerShot D20 camera?

  • If the memory card inside Canon camera gets unreadable due to corrupt file system or rough usage
  • User can mistakenly delete video and image files on Canon PowerShot D20 camera
  • You may lose Canon PowerShot D20 digital camera files due to interrupted file transfer operation
  • Defragmentation of camera memory card may also result in deletion of files from its card
  • Formatting the memory card that is holding files produced by Canon PowerShot D20 camera
  • Virus intrusion to the Canon PowerShot D20 camera storage device can make files inaccessible or invisible

Although we cannot see any files on digital camera memory if it has been lost or deleted in above data loss instances; that is not completely true for a user who knows the truth. Actually, digital camera doesn’t clean any file on its storage media even after format or delete command is used. All you need to do to get all missing files back on Canon PowerShot D20 camera is to take advantage of any professional photo recovery tool.

Canon PowerShot D20 file recovery software!

You can perform complete file recovery from your Canon PowerShot D20 camera by utilizing Yodot Photo Recovery software to bring back pictures, videos and audio files. It is a highly reviewed application for recovering image and video files from SLR/DSLR and other digital cameras from Canon. With this prominent utility you can recover files from memory cards such as SD, MicroSD, MiniSD, SDXC, XQD, MMC, xD, CF and others used in Canon digital cameras. This is a read only, virus free file recovery application that guarantees safe process to do data recovery from digital cameras powered by Canon, Samsung, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, Minolta, Panasonic, Kodak, Sigma, etc.

Steps to regain files from Canon PowerShot D20 camera!

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery program to a healthy Windows system
  • Connect your Canon PowerShot D20 camera having memory card to that system
  • Launch the software to initiate the file recovery operation
  • In the main wizard, select either “Deleted Photo Recovery” option or “Lost Photo Recovery” option based on file loss scenario occurred on Canon PowerShot D20 camera
  • Now, the application scans the system and lists out all the drives. Select the drive symbolizing your Canon PowerShot D20 camera’s memory card
  • Then, choose the file types to be retrieved or just click on ‘Mark All’ option for restoring all type files
  • As you click on Next, the utility starts scanning the memory card and after few couples of minutes; it displays all the recovered files in “Data view” and “File type view” options
  • You can view any restored media file by utilizing the ‘Preview’ option
  • Select the destination location on host computer and click on ‘Save’ option to preserve selected files. Users are suggested not to select the same Canon camera memory card to save recovered photos and videos

Points to Remember!

  • Think twice before you delete any file on Canon PowerShot D20 camera
  • Don’t forget to copy all valuable photos and videos from Canon PowerShot D20 digital camera to other storage device
  • Use advanced anti-virus protection to save camera card from malware and virus attacks

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