How to Get Back Files from Casio QV 3000EX Digicam?

Hi there, my new Casio QV 3000EX digital camera had around 30 to 40 snaps and in between shots; suddenly it got turn off. After switching it on, I tried searching snapped files but they weren’t there on the camera. Could someone please help me in restoring files from my Casio QV 3000EX camera?

I have seen many people asking the same question like above one. Very first, I would like to suggest people who are running into above problem that it would be better to stop saving files on camera when they realize that files are erased or missing. You may lose pictures and videos while using Casio QV 3000EX digital camera under following circumstances:

  • By mistake, people often delete some essential files from their Casio QV 3000EX digital camera while managing or viewing photos
  • Ejecting camera or it’s memory card from PC while copying files would also lead to loss of media files
  • You can’t access files on Casio QV camera due to the memory card error. Generally, error comes when the file system is corrupted or the card is affected with bad sectors
  • Users are habitual of formatting memory card on their Casio QV 3000EX digital camera after it is freezing, malfunctioning or corrupted
  • Sudden power off while using Casio camera to take photos may also result in missing of media files

Casio camera file recovery program:

Yodot Photo Recovery program makes it pretty easy to recover deleted or missing files from Casio QV 3000EX digital camera after any data loss mishap including accidental deletion, virus intrusion, camera firmware issues and formatting. This utility supports photo recovery from all Casio digital camera models including SLR/DSLR camera models of QV and Exilim series such as QV 3500EX, QV 4000, QV 5700, EX-ZR700, EX-ZR400, EX-FC200S, TR200 and many more. It is one of the most effective software to retrieve permanently deleted pictures from memory card, USB pen drives, Memory Sticks, external hard disks, SSD drives, iPods and other media storage devices. Users can use this utility to restore pictures and videos from all popular branded digital cameras and camcorders like Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Olympus, Fujifilm, Sony, Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Minolta, Leica, etc.

Necessary steps to rescue files from Casio QV 3000EX camera

  • Connect Casio QV 3000EX camera via USB cable or plug it’s memory card with the help of card adopter to your computer
  • Download the photo recovery application and install it on that Windows computer
  • Run the software by clicking on the shortcut icon displays on the desktop or with the “Start” menu
  • The main screen comes up with two options, “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select the required photo recovery option based on the data loss mishap happened to the camera
  • The application scans and shows all the internal and external drives connected to the Macintosh system
  • Choose storage drive that stands for your Casio QV 3000EX camera
  • Now, the recovery tool scans Casio camera memory card and lists out all media files which can be retrieved
  • Also you can utilize “Preview” option to view any restored image, video or audio file
  • Eventually, you can browse for the destination location where you need to save restored media files, but don’t save rescued data to memory card used in Casio QV 3000EX camera


  • Stop saving files to Casio QV 3000EX digital camera or to its memory card after data loss
  • Backup all important photos and videos from your Casio QV 3000EX digital camera
  • Make your camera card write protected to avoid unintentional deletion of media files
  • Scan memory card with anti-virus tool before you insert it to the Casio QV 3000EX camera

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