Recover Photos from Flash Drive

I had been to my friends place to copy some pictures and other videos that was taken from during our schools annual day. After connecting my flash drive to his system I copied media files, which were needed. After sometime I connected flash drive to my system for copying photos and all of sudden system it showed error warning that stated flash drive needs to be formatted, when the flsh drive was opened to view pictures.

What should I do now? I remember copying all the information in my flash drive and now they are nowhere to be found. Can you recover photos from a flash drive?

Yes! All your pictures that were lost from your flash drive can be brought back without damaging the contents. All that needs to be done is that, you should download and install the flash drive recovery tool in your system and follow the instructions that are provided on the screen.

How pictures get deleted or lost from your flash drive?

  • Accidentally deleting image files while previewing them on your system or erasing some unwanted files and folders from USB drive
  • Unknowingly formatting the flash drive while trying to format the other partitions on hard drive will cause removal of all the pictures as well as other folders from your memory device
  • Some third party applications that are installed in your system may also delete your pictures due to certain faults
  • Abruptly removing your flash drive when the read or write process is being carried from system to flash drive
  • Power surge also has an effect on your drives as the files stored in it get lost when there are frequent power cuts

How to rescue images from flash drive?

Yodot Photo Recovery is the best known picture utility for recovering pictures which are lost or deleted from flash drive. It has the potential to get back generic photo files and RAW image formats from flash drive or any storage media on Windows system. Other than pictures, it can restore videos files, music files and other text files from hard drives, memory cards, external drives, iPods, USB drives, etc. The best feature of this application is that you can save the recovery process at any point of time and resume it at later stage without having to rescan the entire flash drive again. You can easily preview recovered image files from flash drive before saving them.

Simple steps that have to be followed to recover photos from flash drive:

  • Download and install the application in your system by logging in as local system administrator
  • Open the software and follow the main screen steps
  • With the options “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” provided you can easily rescue your files that are lost from your flash drive
  • Select the required option and proceed to the next screen where you will be provided with all set of drive that is present in system
  • Click on the flash drive and then proceed to the next window which will provide you with the types of files
  • After selecting the different signatures of files that are required, click on the “Next” option that will start the scanning process
  • On completion of the scanning process, the files will be listed in “Data View” or “File Type View”
  • You are provided with the option to preview the image files before they can be saved

Helpful Tips

  • Have a backup of images or other information in a separate drive and don’t forget to update it regularly
  • Install good antivirus application so that flash drive is not infected by viruses
  • Always have a look at your photos in your backup drive before deleting them

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