iPod Recovery Windows

As you all know, iPod is a "Portable media player cum FireWire drive" and iTunes is the application, which is used to manage songs, pictures and video files in iPod. It supports both Mac and Windows OS's. But earlier iPod software only worked with Mac operating systems and the software for Windows was launched in the second generation iPod models.

Although iPod is designed to operate directly with iTunes, but in Windows platform it does not seems to work well always. Because of which Windows iPod users faces a lot of difficulties and many times end up losing photos, music and videos from their iPod.

Situations due to which iPod files are lost on Windows platform

  • Human Errors - The most common reason for data losses are due to human mistakes. Accidentally deleting iPod files like digital images, audio songs and video clips or formatting the iPod when enabled in "Disk Mode" or restoring the iPod with iTunes
  • Formatted - This situation occurs when your iPod is formatted on Windows i.e. its file system is FAT32 and if you plug it into a Mac computer, then it will be formatted to HFS+ file system. This in turn will erase all your iPod files
  • Recovery Mode Error - Sometimes when you connect iPod to your Windows PC, you might have experienced this issue where iTunes shows an error message that "iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode - Use iTunes to restore". In such situation, your iPod has to be restored hence erasing all your media files
  • Restore - The term "Restore" in iPods is to reset the iPod to its factory settings. When you restore your iPod, all the files will be deleted, default settings will be enabled and iPod software will be updated. Some of the scenarios where iPod is forced to restore for bringing back normal functioning, are given below
    • If while updating the iPod with iTunes, message appears "An unknown error has occurred: 1415"
    • If you have forgotten your passcode for unlocking your iPod and after few trials access is blocked
    • While playing a song, iPod stops in the middle of the song and the screen only displays a "Red X" icon
    • When a iPod freezes unexpectedly and fails to recover
  • Sync Error - Scenarios where error occurs in between the synchronization process
    • iTunes has the automatic sync feature. So, sometimes when you connect the iPod, it will copy only those files that are present in it and if the iPod contained some other files then those will be removed
    • The "Sync error" message can occur anytime in between the synchronization process. This happens mainly due to hardware changes, software malfunctions, new user account or if the media files are corrupt. This may delete files from both the places
  • Improper Ejection - Disconnecting the iPod improperly can cost you heavy data loss, that is if you have connected your iPod with iTunes then 'Safely remove Peripherals' option should be used
  • Virus Attack - Virus infection is also a main reason of data loss in case of iPods. That is, it may delete your photos, songs, videos etc from iPod and in worst cases, it may also corrupt the iTunes application

How to recover media files from iPod?

Whether you have deleted or lost your iPod media files due to sync error or recovery mode error or restored it, Yodot Photo Recovery tool can retrieve all those files after these scenarios. Moreover, it supports all the latest versions of Windows operating systems and can recover media files from iPod Classic, Mini, Shuffle and Nano (not iPod Touch). It is a highly powerful utility hence performs iPod recovery faster than any other recovery tool.

Step-by-step iPod recovery process

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software to your Windows system. After that, join the iPod to the computer by using its USB cable.
  • Once you run the software, two recovery options will appear, "Deleted Photo Recovery" and "Lost Photo Recovery". Choose the one according to your data loss scenario
  • After that, the software will display all the found drives
  • Choose the drive representing the iPod and click "Next" button
  • The following window offers you the alternative to pick the specific file type for recovery or you may select "Mark All" for complete recovery of files
  • Now the software will scan the iPod drive for finding the lost or deleted files. Total time taken depends on the size of the drive
  • As the scan process ends, the software shows all the files that are found on that drive
  • Make use of the two view types for choosing files easily, by toggling between them
  • Use "Show deleted" option, for seeing only the deleted files
  • Preview and store them (disabled in trial version) to a wanted location but other than the iPod itself

NOTE: If using the trial edition, then make use of "Save Recovery Session" option for saving the scan information and avoid re-scanning of the drive after product purchase.


  • Backup all your media files using iTunes or in a external drive
  • If any kind of error occurs then try resetting the iPod first rather restoring it directly

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