Photo Recovery from Memory Card

Memory cards are extensively popular because of their portability, higher storage capacity, smaller physical size and lighter weight. They enable us to store documents, photos, audio, video etc. Hence, used in dozens of recording and computing products like digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, MP3 players, video game consoles etc.

Memory cards are most commonly employed in cameras and mobile phones for storing photos / images. They have replaced the photographic film, as it stores photos in digital format, with high resolution, option to edit images, re-recordable and most importantly photos can be viewed immediately. Hence, nothing can be worse than losing those images from your memory card due to any kind of corruption or deletion.

Let us see the scenarios that can cause loss of data from memory cards

  • Loss of data from memory card mostly takes place as a result of human mistakes. For instance accidentally deleting photos or formatting the memory card
  • Forced to format the memory card when connected to a PC, becaue of the error message "Disk need to be formatted"
  • Using the memory card when camera battery is low or dying out
  • Ejecting the memory card abruptly during file transfer or during capturing photos
  • Sudden shutdown or power surge in between transferring images from memory card to PC or vice-versa
  • Using the memory card even after its memory is full

Is it possible to recover deleted / corrupted photos from a memory card?

Yes it is surely possible to recover images from a memory card, whether you have deleted photos from your memory card or formatted it accidentally or lost some photos due to memory card corruption. When you delete photos from a memory card while connected to the PC or laptop, it bypasses the recycle bin. But it is still possible to recover those photos, as the data is still present in the memory, only its entry is deleted from the file system of the memory card. So without making any delays retrieve those images by using an efficient deleted photo recovery tool.

Yodot Photo Recovery Software is the most powerful software which helps to rescue photos from memory card, hard drive, iPod and so on. It supports recovery of images from all types of memory cards like CF card, XD card, SD card that are manufactured by different companies. Also provides preview of photos so that one can choose before recovering it. Apart from various storage media, this tool assists in recovering delete photos from Picasa, My Pictures folder, iTunes and other applications within Windows OS.

How to use the software?

  • Disconnect the memory card from your camera or any other recording device and attach it to a PC or laptop by using a card reader
  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery tool on to your system
  • Launch the application and follow as per the messages shows up on the screen
  • Choose the “Deleted Photo Recovery” option from the main window
  • Choose from the list of drives displayed
  • Permit the scanning to complete and then choose the photos which you want to recover from the memory card
  • Preview the files before saving them
  • Choose the location to save the recovered files, it should be different from the one from where you are recovering

Things To Remember

  • Frequently transfer your memory card files to the PC
  • Always backup your data on a regular basis
  • Prior to deletion, make sure about your action and selection
  • Make use of “write protect” knob in your memory cards, to avoid accidental formatting or deletion
  • Avoid using your recording devices when battery power is low
  • Don’t eject your memory card during file transfer or when in use

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