Restore Files from Password Protected Memory Card

“I have 8GB memory card in which I have saved confidential files of my project work. In order to restrict others from obtaining access to its files, I have assigned password to it. Yesterday I had connected memory card to my computer to view few files in it; after completion of my work, I had right clicked on the memory card drive to safely eject it from computer. But instead of pressing on “Eject” option, I have mistakenly clicked on “Format” option; now the memory card is empty without single file in it. Kindly someone recommend me the correct way to restore files from password protected memory card.”

Are you searching answer for similar question? If yes then this page will definitely assist you to get appropriate answer. As you have read above, many users assign password to their memory card to prevent third person accessing their files. Although one encrypts their memory card with secured password, it is not free from data loss. Various instances reasonable for file loss from password protected memory card are:

  • Accidental Deletion: When password protected memory card is almost full, its access speed will be reduced and it might take long time to load even a file of smaller size. In such situation, users opt to delete unwanted files to increase the speed. But at the time of deletion, one might unintentionally remove important files from encrypted memory card
  • Virus Intrusion: In case memory card is infected with viruses, then you cannot view files on it. In certain situation, files and folders present in your password protected memory card will be converted into shortcut and display black window instead of showing files.
  • Deleting While Transferring: Transfer process of the files should be done carefully. But sometimes one might click on “Delete” option instead of “Copy”. Since memory card is external storage media, deleted files does not get saved to Recycle Bin and makes you lose them from memory card

Steps to Regain Files from Encrypted Memory Card:

One might start panicking in case any of the above situations encounters all of a sudden. But as long as you have software like Yodot Photo Recovery, you need not worry about erased or lost files from password protected memory card. This tool will deeply examine password protected memory card and helps in restoring complete files from it. With the help of this memory card recovery tool, users can restore all media file types including photos, RAW images, videos, music files and other documents from password protected memory card. It searches for the recoverable data and displays it, so that you can choose desired one and ignore rest of them. To make your work easy it lists out few popular file types, from which we can select required file types; it facilitate two view types ‘Data’ and ‘File Type’ views which could be very useful to choose required files from recovered file list. Besides this, you can view recovered media files by making use of ‘Preview’ option and store them in a location that you prefer.

Steps to regain files from encrypted memory card:

  • At first download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software to your Windows computer
  • Once the software is completely installed, run it to perform recovery of files from password protected memory card
  • When main screen emerges, you will find two options namely “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Pick any one as per the file loss scenarios; now click on the drive that shows your memory card and proceed further by hitting on “Next” option
  • Permit the software to scan the memory card and then select restorable files
  • Preview retrieved media files and then save them on a location that you prefer

Points to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that you remember password assigned to your memory card as it is needed to access files after recovery
  • Never download any unauthorized software to your computer as it may contains viruses which might get transferred to your memory card when connected

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