How to Retrieve Pictures from Photo Library?

Lost precious photos from the Photo Library which you have been saving since long time? Well, In case you are thinking on how to recover photos from your photo library, then be positive! There is definitely a way out to get it back.

Managing hundreds of photographs is not an easy task. Photos might get lost and time can be wasted searching for a particular photo. However, Photo Librarys offers you the best solution for managing digital photographs. Unlike other image cataloging programs, Picture Library provides many useful database fields such as category, album, series, place, time, description etc.  The picture viewer lets you view and edit image files and create slide shows. Browsing photos in the PhotoLibrary is quick and easy because thumbnail and preview images are automatically created when a photo is inserted into the Library. But  still, one can lose the photos without any knowledge. There are many instances that leads to data loss from the Photo Library as mentioned below.

Few of the instances that leads to photo loss are as mentioned below:

  • Inadvertant Deletion of Photos: This is the most common situation. While trying to delete some unwanted photos from your Photo library, you might choose an important photo along with it and pressed “Shift + Delete” keys and lose your valuable pictures
  • Power Surge: While managing photos on your Photo Library you could see a sudden fluctuation in power supply or cut in power supply that can stop the working process and lead to lose of photos
  • Virus Intrusion: Virus may enter and infect the photos present in the Photo library making them inaccessible
  • Application Malfunction: Malfunction of Photo Library application makes entire photos unreadable and sometimes deletes them

What to do if photos are deleted from Photo Library?

Often when pictures are deleted from Photo library software, they get wiped off the computer system itself. People who have multiple copies of their files would not even be bothered about the lost photos, however, those who do not have a back-up, can still restore their valuable pictures by using a effective recovery software. But the first thing you need to do is to take action when you realize that you have lost your valuable photos. Do not add any new data on the location from where you deleted or lost photos. After that use Yodot Photo recovery software to get all the photos in short period of time.

Why you should use this software?

Yodot Photo Recovery Software is a software that lets you recover all your lost as well as deleted photos from your Photo library. Besides, you can recover audios, videos and other files from your hard drive or other external storage drive. Due to its enhanced technology, it scans entire drive to retrieve and display photos in an efficient way. It facilitates complete recovery from different kinds of Photo Library softwares such as picasa, windows live photo gallery, Photoscape, Zonar photo studio, Photo pos pro, Hornil style fix, Photoperfect express etc.

Steps for Fast and Easy Recovery

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software onto your computer
  • Launch the software to see the recovery steps
  • On the main screen two options are available they are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo recovery”
  • You need to choose any one from the two options
  • Once the selection is done, the software checks and displays the drives present in your system
  • Choose the drive from where photos need to be recovered and click on “Next” button
  • Let the scanning process to complete. Once the scanning is done the software displays all the recoverable photos from the selected drive
  • Preview the photo in order to check right file has been selected to recover
  • Choose the location to save the recovered files, Make sure to save it in a different location

Points to keep in mind:

  • Keep an updated backup of your vital photo files either on your computer or to any external storage device. If at all any data situation occurs, then you can easily restore without any difficulties
  • Download good antivirus software to make your computer free from any dangerous virus
  • Do not delete any photo files by selecting “Shift + Delete” Keys