Restore Files from Portable Media Player

A portable media player is an electronic device which can be used to store and play digital media files such as audio, images, video and other files. You can carry it anywhere you go and listen to music, view photos and videos. With ability to store huge amount of digital media files, great output, high speed, excellent space-saving feature and installation simplicity, portable media player such as mobiles, iPods, MP3 players and other multimedia player have gained considerable popularity. Wide usage of these portable media players will also have adverse effects on the files stored on it i.e. files on Portable media players can deleted or lost due to any reason.

To get flair idea about data loss let us consider this situation wherein you have MP3 portable media player in which you have added thousands of songs to listen it in your leisure time. Since the device was loaded with many songs, its speed reduced and started to function slowly. Hence, to speed it up, you have decided to remove few songs which are unneeded to you. But instead of erasing specific songs, you have chosen entire music library and deleted it.

What you are supposed to do in that condition? You may probably search for those songs over the internet but it is not so easy and sometime you may not get the song that you want even after searching a lot. But don’t worry!! Though it is difficult you can get back lost music files from portable media with the aid of suitable portable media player recovery software. Before that let us know that facts accountable for loss or deletion of files from Portable media player as listed below:

  • Mistakenly deleting media files from portable media player while changing settings or searching for unwanted files
  • Virus intrusion on Portable Media Player could result in losing songs, videos and photos present in it without any notification
  • If transfer process from portable media player to computer is terminated due to power failure, pulling out the cable or unexpected system shutdown, then files which you were supposed to transfer from Portable Media Player might go missing
  • If you use portable media player to click photos or listen to song when its battery is to the last bar, then it may turn off and make you lose files from it

Data recovery software for portable media player

If you have faced any of the above situations or lost your files, then you can restore them by using Yodot Photo Recovery software. It has the expertise to handle all types of data loss situation from simple to the most complex such as human mistake, virus infection, system crash, corruption, hardware failure and more from all types of portable media devices including mobile, digital camera, iPod, MP3 player etc. The recovery process is so easy and safe that the files are restored without any difficulties and the quality of the files is retained even after recovery. Other than Portable Media Players, you can restore or find Windows Media Center files such as photos, videos, music files other documents from Mac hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc on Windows computer/laptop.

Step by step guide to recover files from Portable Media Player

  • First of all connect Portable Media Player to your computer by utilizing data cable
  • Download and install the application to the system in which you have connected portable media player
  • Run the application to start the recovery process
  • Select anyone from the two options i.e. “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” according to the situation you have come across
  • Choose the drive that indicate your portable media player
  • Let the application to scan the selected drive and then choose required file types
  • Make your selection by using two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Preview recovered media files and at last save them in a location that you prefer

Useful Tips

  • Never ever use portable media player when its battery is running out of power
  • Keep transferring files from Portable Media Player to your computer to save them as a backup copy
  • Scan Portable Media Player with antivirus software as soon as you connect it to the computer