Photo Recovery from Transcend Memory Card

“I have lost all the files from my Transcend memory card when connected to computer. As soon as I have connected memory card to the computer, it asked me to format the card. I did not understand what was it and gave command to format the card. Now I cannot see a single file in it. Is there any way that helps me to get back all the files from it?”

Of course there is a way!!! Above situation is one example of how users may lose their files saved on Transcend memory card. There may be other scenarios as well. But to help you out in this regard, many photo recovery tools are available. Therefore by employing any good image recovery software, you can easily get all your files back from Transcend memory card.

Transcend manufactures memory cards with data storage capacity ranging from minimum (512 MB) to maximum (64GB) as per user demands etc. Transcend memory cards are very popular in today’s world as it enables you to store all types of files such as documents, photos, videos, audio, etc. Therefore they are used in dozens of recording and computing products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, camcorders, laptops, tablets, etc. But despite of advantages, Transcend memory cards too suffer from loss of data that can happen at point of time.

Causes behind loss of pictures from Transcend memory card:

  • Formatting Errors: Sometimes errors like “Drive not formatted. Do you want to format?” may be encountered when you just connect your Transcend memory card to the system. Photos stored on memory card become inaccessible after such error messages. In order to get rid of errors and reuse your memory card for saving new images, you need to format the Transcend memory card. This process erases all your media files from Transcend memory card
  • Human Mistakes: Photos from Transcend memory card can deleted due to human mistake. For example while seeing pictures or deleting unwanted files, you may unknowingly delete the precious images
  • Switching off Camera: Switching off your camera while processing photos or videos or taking pictures and while transferring files from memory card to computer can lead to loss of pictures
  • Errors during Transfer of Photos: Improper system shut down, power fluctuations, improper insertion and removal of the Transcend memory card from the card reader/camera, etc. can result in loss of digital photos
  • Corruption of File System: Corruption of Transcend memory card’s file system due to virus attacks, card error and taking photos while camera is showing low on battery are responsible for loss of photos from Transcend memory cards

It doesn't matter what is the reason behind loss of photos, but for successful recovery make sure that the lost pictures or data doesn't get over-written with any new files. It is because when the files gets over-written with new file content you will lose the deleted pictures forever from Transcend memory card. Therefore stop using the Transcend memory card as soon as you realize about loss of image files and use photo recovery software to recover files without making any delay.

About Picture Recovery software

Yodot Photo Recovery is a professional tool to restore photo files, RAW images, videos and audio files which are delete or lost from Transcend memory card. Moreover, it supports recovery of images from all types of memory cards produced by Transcend like SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card, CF card and many more. You may think that this software might be complicated and you may not be able to follow the steps involved in it. But you will be surprised to know that the whole task is very easy and can be finished in just few steps..

Recovery steps

  • Connect Transcend memory card to your system with the help of a card reader
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery Software and once the download process gets over, install it to your computer
  • Now execute the application and go according to the steps provided on the main screen
  • As soon as the main screen appears, you can see two options, one is “Deleted Photo Recovery” and the other is “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Make use of the option “Deleted Photo Recovery” if you have accidentally deleted files from Transcend memory card
  • Click on the option “Lost Photo Recovery” in case if you lost or formatted files
  • After you select the suitable option, the software displays all the drives that are present in your Windows including the drive representing the Transcend memory card
  • Select the removable drive i.e. Transcend memory card in order to recover deleted, lost or formatted files
  • The software now starts scanning and displays all the recoverable files that are present in the drive you have selected
  • Select the files that you want to retrieve and click on “Next” to continue
  • Preview media files before saving to the desired location. Finally browse the location to save the recovered files

Tips for future use

  • Always take a backup of important data in order to avoid data loss in the future
  • Before deleting any file, make sure that either that file stored in that specific memory card is not essential to you or you have already backed up that file in some other location.
  • Always make sure that you remove your card safely from any device to which you connect your card
  • Keep scanning your memory card regularly to ensure that it is not infected by any dangerous virus
  • Don’t add data forcefully to your Transcend memory card when it is almost full

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