Photo Recovery from Windows Photo Gallery

bHelp!!! I have loaded some photos from my camera to Windows Photo Gallery and then deleted them from camera. When I tried to organize those photos, my system hanged and I had to switch it off improperly. When I restarted system, those photos were nowhere in the Windows Photo Gallery.B I visited Recycle Bin to find if photos are present in it but those were missing from Recycle Bin as well. Where has my pictures disappeared? Have I lost them forever?b

Not exactly!!! It remains in your computer unless and until it is not overwritten with new files. The reason why photos did not get placed in Recycle Bin is because it is a folder that holds only deleted files. If the photos and other files get lost without your knowledge, then it does not get stored in Recycle Bin. In your case, the photos were not deleted and got lost due to system hang. Therefore as a result the lost photos are not present in Recycle Bin.

However, before proceeding further to know how you can recover photos from Windows Photo Gallery, let us have some know knowledge about it. Windows Photo Gallery is an image organizer, editor and sharing application that provide tagging, management and searching capabilities for digital photos. It facilitates a picture viewer that can replace the default operating system image viewer and an image import tool that can used to acquire photos from a camera or other removable media. But, sometimes you may accidentally delete an actually needed photo or video from Windows Photo Gallery and even empty them from Recycle Bin. After a short time of deletion, you may regret for this absurd action. But you would be happy to know that photos once gets deleted can easily be recovered with the assistance of photo recovery software.

Few other causes behind photo loss from Windows Photo Gallery:

  • Improper system shut down: It is a good practice to turn off your system when you close all the files and programs. But if you shut down your computer without closing Windows Photo Gallery application then you may lose few photos from it
  • Losing photos while transferring: It is recommended to use bCopyb and bPasteb command when transferring photos from Windows Photo Gallery to external storage media. However many users do not take this point seriously and use bCutb and bPasteb options. In this case, you will lose photos from Windows Photo Gallery if cutB files are not pasted properly due to power failure or unexpected system shut down
  • Freezing: Sometimes for unknown reasons, your computer may freeze in the middle while you are viewing or editing pictures in Windows Photo Gallery. At that moment you may close Windows Photo Gallery application before it responds to your command. Under such circumstances, you might lose few photos

When any of the above situation strikes without notification, then many people regret thinking that they should have kept backup of their important photos. However, as you know already you can overcome above mentioned situation by downloading photo recovery software preferably Yodot Photo Recovery.

Recover photos from Windows Photo Gallery

Yodot Photo Recovery software can recover photos or videos deleted from Windows Photo Gallery with powerful scanning algorithms. It will perform a scan of the hard disk drive in which Windows Photo Gallery application is present to find and restore your desired photos and video in short minutes. One of the best qualities of this photo recovery software is that recovered photos can be previewed to confirm whether you have selected right one or not. Apart from Windows Photo Gallery, it retrieves photos from other applications such as Photo Library, Picasa, photoscape, etc. Moreover, even if its name is photo recovery software you can bring back accidentally erased videos from SD card or various types of image files, music files and documents present in both internal and removable storage media on Windows OS.

Procedure to recover windows photo gallery

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software and then install it to your computer
  • Once the installation gets completed, run it and start to recover your photos
  • You will find two options which are bDeleted Photo Recoveryb and bLost Photo Recoveryb
  • Choose anyone according to the situation you have faced
  • Select the drive from where recovery can be done
  • Choose file types to recover and then select recoverable files by making use of two view types which are bData Viewb and bFile Type Viewb
  • Preview recovered photos and finally save it in a location that you prefer

Points to remember

  • Close Windows Photo Gallery application properly after completion of your work
  • Do not delete any photo from Windows Photo Gallery unless you find that it is not required

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