How to Restore High – Definition Video Files?

“Hi there, I am in a big trouble and need help. I had captured few HD quality videos using my high definition camcorder for my project work. While accessing the videos on my camcorder, I messed up things as a result the videos are missing from its storage memory. What to do now, can anybody suggest a good recovery program to restore HD video files from my camcorder? Please help.”

Videos are the most treasured media file types to save memorable moments of life events. Video files are of two types, Standard definition and high definition. Images captured with higher resolution of 720 pixels or more are considered as High definition videos. This high resolution media files display pictures with clarity, making the movie more attractive and livelier. Hence, users prefer to use cameras and other gadgets with HD resolution. However, just like any other media file, users lose HD videos from different storage devices in many ways.

Let us know few of the common scenarios for losing HD video files:

  • Deletion of some important video file instead of unwanted video on any gadget or on Windows system is the most commonly seen scenario
  • Wrong usage of memory device on gadgets to save captured HD resolution videos will end up in loss of those videos
  • Formatting camcorders’ storage device like SD card on Windows system will erase all HD videos present on the card
  • Pressing delete all option on camcorder / camera while going through the video files results in complete deletion of all videos
  • Other times memory device corruption, virus infection, improper video file transfer from camcorder to system drive due to disconnection of cable or system power surge or insufficient power supply to camcorder, etc. will also cause loss of HD videos files

All know that losing videos of high quality is very frustrating. But, users need not worry if they posses proper backup of necessary videos. Unfortunately, most of the times there won’t be any backup of recently captured videos when data disasters occurs and there comes the need for third party video recovery tool.

HD Video Recovery Utility

Yodot Photo Recovery is the best and secure tool to make use while recovering HD videos. This software has read-only recovery algorithms that safely extract videos of HD quality without causing any damage to files. The tool is highly designed with powerful scanning techniques that could even bring back video files from formatted, inaccessible and damaged storage devices like flash memory cards, Memory Sticks, pen drives, hard drives, etc. With the aid of this application, one could easily recover media file types like pictures, songs, RAW images along with video files from variety of storage devices on major computers or laptops working on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 operating systems.

Note: If in case your HD videos have got damaged and you are worried about repairing corrupted HD video then you can make use of Yodot MOV Repair tool.


Guidelines for recovery of HD videos:

If HD videos are lost from external storage media like memory card, etc. then connect the device to Windows system and follow these steps

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery program on to any Windows computer from which videos are lost
  • Then install and launch the utility by following given instructions
  • Main window showing, “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” options gets displayed
  • Click for appropriate option based on video file loss scenario and proceed
  • Further screen displays all logical and externally connected devices on system
  • Select the drive from which video files were lost and click next
  • Now, select the file types that you want to recover or simply click on Mark All
  • The software scans the selected drive within few seconds
  • After completion of scan process, all restored files will be displayed in a list
  • Make use of Data View/File Type options to search required files
  • Then, click on Preview button to view the video file description prior to saving
  • At last, target a destination location on system drive and save selected retrieved files

Valuable Tips:

  • Before erasing any video file, assure yourself that the file is not required further
  • Never delete HD videos from external storage media when it is connected on system
  • Perform uninterrupted file transfer while moving HD videos from one storage device to another

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