How to Retrieve Photos from Dead Hard Drive?

“Today morning when I pressed power button of my computer, it just displayed black window without any information. I have removed hard drive and sent it to service center for examination. Upon checking it, I have got its feedback that the hard drive is dead. I can afford new hard drive but I don’t have the backup of photos present in it. Kindly someone assist me to get back photos from dead hard drive.

If you have worked on your computer for long time, then sooner or later you will have to deal with unfortunate experience such as dead hard drive on computer. A dead hard drive will not boot up and does not respond to any of your commands. However, your data does not die with hard drive if you keep its backup on a separate storage device. But few users ignore to backup files especially photos as in above situation.

How hard drive dies?

Computer hard drive dies for various reasons. One of the most common causes behind dead hard drive is its logical failure. You will be formerly intimated when hard drive is about to fail. Producing loud clicking noise is the first sign which shows that your hard drive is going to die. It is normal to produce clicking sound for the first time when you turn on your computer. However, if hard drive delivers unbearable sound, then it indicates that something is wrong with hard disk drive that may die or stop working at any point. Frequent system hanging, slow performance, long time to open files, etc are other vital reasons that have adverse effect on hard drive, which might fail to work or die very soon.

In case your computer hard drive is dead because of mechanical failure, then you cannot regain your photos at any cost. But if it is due to logical errors, then it is possible to restore precious pictures with the help of right picture recovery software.

Dead hard drive recovery software:

Yodot Photo Recovery is one such outstanding software which can scan entire dead hard drive to find data lost from it including photos. The user interface involved in this software is very easy that even a person with less technical knowledge can rescue images from dead hard drive without any trouble. Along with photos, it will help you to regain various formats of videos, music, voice recordings, recorded videos, songs and many other documents from dead hard drive as well as from hard drive which is functioning normally on computer. It does not take more time to retrieve your valuable photo files and users can preview retrieved pictures one by one. This competent picture recovery software has ability to recover deleted photos from C drive, D drive, E drive, F drive and also from external storage drives such as memory cards, pen drives, memory sticks, external hard drives, iPods, media players and so on. Moreover you can compress recovered picture files to save hard drive space and save them on any location you prefer on hdd or external storage drive.

Steps for recovering photos from dead hard drive:

Useful Guidelines:

  • Never ignore unusual behavior of your system and immediately take backup of important data
  • Avoid downloading pictures from unauthorized sites as it might contain viruses that could be risky to your computer

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