Get Data from Corrupted Mobile Memory Card

“Can anyone help me to get back data from my mobile memory card? I have connected it to the computer to view certain files but when I clicked on the drive that represented mobile memory card, it displayed an error message that “Access denied”. The memory bar still indicates that the memory card contains files, but I am unable to view single file from it. Please help me in this regard”

As usage of mobile phones are increasing day by day, data loss from its storage media has become major problem among mobile phone users. In above detailed instance, the mobile memory card is corrupted and hence refusing to display files present in it. Mobile memory card becomes corrupted due to plenty of reasons as list of few:

  • Virus Attack: If you use internet in your mobile, then you should download any good antivirus software. If you ignore and continue to access internet, then dangerous viruses from certain sites might transfer to your mobile memory card and corrupt its file system
  • Inappropriate Ejection: Windows operating system provides an option named “Eject”; so, while disconnecting mobile memory card from the computer, you should click on this option. In case you remove mobile memory card without utilizing this option, then it is likely to become corrupted
  • Memory Full: One should avoid adding files to mobile memory card when its memory is almost full. But few users do not keep this point in mind and try to add files even though it display “Memory full” error message. In such situation, mobile memory card might get corrupted leaving it inaccessible

Way to get back files from mobile memory card

With the utilization of admirable software named Yodot Photo Recovery, entire data from memory card corrupted on mobile. It can restore photos, videos, music files and other documents from inaccessible, formatted or reformatted mobile memory card. This software contains only few steps which are easy and understandable, so that even a person with average computer knowledge can use it without facing any complications. Other than mobile memory card, this application can be used to restore data from memory cards used in cameras, camcorders, iPods, MP4 players, MP6 player and other portable media players. To confirm your selection, you can even preview media files such as pictures, videos and music before going to save them.

Easy steps to restore files from damaged mobile memory card:

  • First of all disconnect memory card from mobile phone and connect it to the computer
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software to the computer in which you have connected memory card
  • You will find two options over main screen which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Choose anyone according to the scenario you have faced
  • Now the application will display the drive present in your computer
  • Choose the drive that represents your mobile memory card
  • Let the software to scan the memory card and choose file types to be recovered
  • Preview recovered media files and at last save them on a desired location on your PC

Suggestions to follow:

  • Before using internet, download any reliable antivirus software to your mobile
  • Never try to disconnect mobile memory card without choosing “Eject” option
  • Do not add any file to mobile memory card when its memory is almost full

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