Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Picasa

Picasa is among the most popular photo viewing and editing tool introduced by Google, which provides a very great photo editing experience. The software helps in organizing, managing and sharing all your pictures on Facebook, Flickr, Google accounts etc.B The main benefit of using Picasa is that it searches for each and every photo file from your computer hard drive and displays it on window based on its modification date. Inspite of these benefits, even Picasa has certain limitations and issues.

Many a times, people post questions like, , “I accidentally clicked on “Delete from Disk”, button on my photos of Picasa. I tried to search them on my computer hard disk and even looked in Recycle Bin, but it didn’t help. I only deleted photos from my Picasa, so how can I recover them back?”

Many users commit same mistake, but they don’t have to worry now. The deleted photos from Picasa can be recovered with the aid of suitable photo recovery tool. Photos imported on Picasa application are saved on computer hard disk i.e. Picasa will not save the pictures in a separate folder on its own. Thus, when you delete a photo from Picasa it will be erased from the computer hard drive and not from Picasa application which makes recovery possible using photo recovery software.

There are many other reasons due to which photos are deleted from Picasa; some of them are accidental deletion of an important photo while previewing; erasing a crucial picture while deleting an unwanted one; formatting drive where Picasa photos are stored; improper removal of storage drive while synchronizing photos to Picasa; antivirus application removing photos from Picasa during computer scan and lot more.

However, it is highly recommended to stop using your computer or Picasa application after photo deletion as further usage of application to store or add new files will overwrite the space occupied by deleted photos. Once space of deleted photo is overwritten with new file content, then picture recovery is impossible even after using any good recovery software. On the other hand if the deleted photo is not overwritten, recovery of deleted pictures from Picasa can be accomplished with assistance of best photo recovery application like Yodot Photo Recovery.

Photo recovery from Picasa:

Yodot Photo Recovery is a wonderful photo recovery application, which can recover deleted or lost photos from Picasa. The tool is developed in a very simple and friendly graphical interface using which even a user with less technical background can carry out deleted photo recovery from Picasa in few steps. Apart from deleted, the application can also retrieve media files such as music files, video files, RAW images and other documents from your computer. Further you can get back both deleted and lost photos from any storage media like iPods, memory cards, external hard drives, USB drives, etc on Windows OS.

Procedure to restore deleted photos from Picasa:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery and install the software to your Windows desktop / laptop
  • Open the application and follow the main screen steps
  • To recover your deleted photos from Picasa use “Deleted Photo Recovery” option
  • The software scans the computer and displays all the logical and physical drives detected on the computer, choose the drive from where deleted photos are to be recovered
  • The application repeats the scanning process and shows all deleted photos from it
  • Select the photos which are to be recovered
  • Preview the photos using “Preview” option before saving
  • At last, save the recovered photos to your desired destination location


  • Don’t install the software on the same drive from where you recovered photos
  • Make use of antivirus application to protect your Windows system from virus or other external threats

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