Regain Deleted Photos from System

“I have lost entire folder from my system containing photos. Actually what happened is, when I opened folder on my system to view certain photos, I noticed that there is one more folder with same name. I have deleted that folder but it kept on appearing every time when I deleted it. Assuming that it is a virus, I thought of removing it using effective Antivirus software; but Antivirus software too failed to remove it. So, I opened Command Prompt Window and deleted that folder. Now, when I visited the location containing folder, I found that I have mistakenly deleted the folder containing photos instead of folder which contained viruses. I would be very grateful if I get correct solution to resolve my problem.”

Everyone might have gone through horrifying moment; while deleting unwanted photos from system, mistakenly you select and delete important photos. Luckily, Windows system store deleted photos in Recycle Bin folder. But if you have used “Shift + Delete” keys, deleted photos using Command Prompt or disabled save option in Recycle Bin; then erased pictures will not be saved in Recycle Bin and gets immediately erased from your system hard drive. Other than this, pictures from your Windows system could also get deleted due to following causes:

  • Deletion While Moving: At the time of moving files from one location to another, many users prefer right clicking on drive and selecting “Copy” option. But many times, one may hit on “Delete” option present just below the “Copy” option in a hurry. If the size of the photos is very small, then you can restore them from Recycle Bin; but if it exceeds Recycle Bin capacity, then photos will automatically bypass Recycle Bin without getting saved on hard drive
  • Erasing Before Copying: If you copy photos and delete them before pasting to preferred location on your system hard drive, then photos will be deleted right away and you will not get option to paste it on other location
  • Antivirus Software Scan: To remove viruses and malware threats, antivirus software is installed on your system; but in case Antivirus software finds photos stored on system are infected by viruses, then it might delete them without any notification while scanning your system hdd

Picture recovery software for system:

Users who do not wish to lose their data take preventive measures by creating restore point from Control panel utility. However, few users ignore to backup data and regret later for not keeping another copy of photos. But you no longer have to worry about photos which you have deleted or lost from your system; because Yodot Photo Recovery software will scan your entire computer and recover deleted photos in short time. It will display folder with different names and you can choose whichever you need. It will even show folders with file extensions which contain only specific file; this will save your time in searching for required image files. You can even sort recovered images files according to its size and last date accessed. It has potential to recover media files such as RAW images, generic photos, videos, music files and other file formats from system hard drive, portable hard drive, flash drive, memory card, iPod, SSD, etc. More to this, you are able to preview recovered media files before saving them to location you prefer on your PC.

Procedure to get back pictures from system:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software and install it to your computer by following few guidelines
  • Run the software and go according to the instructions given on the screen
  • When main screen emerges, you will see two options which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Choose “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to go further
  • Select partition or entire hard drive from where you need to get back photos
  • Wait till scanning process finishes and then select required files which software has listed
  • Make your selection using two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Preview pictures to confirm your selection and at last save them on a preferred location on your PC

Beneficial Information:

  • Do not delete photos using command prompt as you will not get option to restore deleted files manually
  • Never rush to delete files which you have copied but not pasted to the specified location

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