Recovering Locked Pictures

“Hello, I have lost few images on my Windows computer that were locked against unauthentic access. I had locked these images since it carried some crucial content; but, after installing some applications on my Windows system, it restarted by itself after which I noticed that these images were missing from hard drive. I am not bothered about other missing files, but I need my locked photos at any cost. How to recover locked photos? Share your valuable suggestions.”

Users may occasionally lock photos of high importance on computer to avoid unauthenticated access. A photo file can be locked by giving user password or with the help of third party utilities that creates a pass-code without which image cannot be accessed. Users may lose such locked pictures on Windows computer due to unintentional mistakes or logical errors.

Scenarios that render loss of locked photos are:

  • Mistakenly deleting locked images of high importance while removing unnecessary files using Shift-Del keys
  • Folder carrying locked pictures can turn into shortcut and thus become inaccessible due to malware intrusion
  • Missing of locked images from hard drive or from other storage media when it is scanned for viruses using unreliable anti-virus software
  • Unintentionally formatting storage device holding important locked photos

When locked pictures are lost or erased in any of these situations, user may feel that these photos are removed completely from storage drive. But the real fact is that deletion and file loss cannot remove data forever. Those images are just made invisible to OS by erasing its registry entry and index pointer value; thus its memory storage will be marked as free by operating system. But, such lost photos can be restored back by utilizing productive photo retrieval tool before saving new files to the storage memory.

Locked images recovery software:

Using Yodot Photo Recovery tool, one can achieve complete recovery of deleted or missing locked photos on Windows computer with ease. Built with ingenious restoration modules this tool is capable of recovering pictures of JPEG, TIFF, GIF, IMG, PIC, PSD, BMP, etc; along with RAW formats like NEF, ORF, CR2, CRW, MRW, PEF, 3FR, KDC, DNG, DCR, BAY and many more. In addition, it also helps to recover encrypted photo files with utmost ease. This utility can easily extract photos, videos and music files from flash memory cards, USB pen drives, system hard disks, portable hard drives, SSD and other storage media. On all, it can retrieve media data from FAT32, FAT16, ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 and ReFS file system formatted storage devices on Windows. This tool is well suitable for Windows computers working with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Server 2003, and latest Window 8 and 8.1 operating systems.

Guidelines to extract locked photos on Windows:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery tool on your Windows desktop
  • Install and run the utility according to instructions
  • Main screen appears with “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” options
  • Click for first option, if locked images were erased else go with latter option
  • Then, mention the drive / logical partition on system hard drive from where locked photos are lost
  • Also, specify image file types to ease scanning process or you can just click on ‘Mark All’ / ‘Skip’ button
  • Moving forward, let the software scan selected drive to get back locked pictures
  • Recovery results will be presented in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’
  • View required image files using Preview option and save all necessary photos to a destination location other than same drive that was scanned

Precautionary Notes!!

  • Backup every essential photo file before you come across photo loss situations
  • Save your locked images in secure location away from harmful viruses
  • Do not erase any locked image without knowing the importance of that photo file