Recover Data from HTC Desire SD Card

“You were downloading few files in HTC Desire phone and during the process; you got a message that there is no enough space in memory card. Therefore to free up space in it, you thought of moving certain files to your computer and improperly removed SD card from HTC Desire phone without clicking on “Unmount SD card” option provided in it. When you connected HTC Desire’s SD card to your computer, it showed an error message that ‘memory card file or directory is corrupted and unreadable’. Such instance may frighten you as you had thousands of photos stored in HTC Desire SD card.”

HTC has introduced various series of Android Smartphones. Most of the HTC Desire Smartphones feature front facing camera along with back one which proves itself as the ultimate selfie phone. One need not compromise with image quality while taking a picture from HTC Desire phone as it has high resolution camera which deliver excellent pictures1. At the same time, the newly introduced HTC Desire has a special feature which can remove face marks without making you to edit them using Photoshop application. Along with providing 8 GB internal memory in many phones, it will also allow you to expand its memory by utilizing SD card. Since it is possible to use SD card in HTC Desire, users may change settings and make default storage location as SD card. But one cannot predict what will happen the next moment and files present in SD card might go in a vain due to below listed reasons:

  • Improper Removal: Every HTC Desire phone has an option called ‘Unmount SD card’. If you click on this option, then nothing will happen to files which you have stored in SD card. If you directly remove SD card without utilizing this option, then file system of SD card could get corrupted and stop you from accessing data present in it
  • Virus Attacks: Most of the users prefer to use HTC mobile for using internet in order to search, download or communicate. If you download photos from unreliable sites, then SD card present in HTC mobile might get infected with virus or malware threats causing loss of data
  • Format SD Card: HTC mobile provides format option so that one can clear entire data if they find it not useful. But those who don’t have technical knowledge may sometimes click on ‘Erase SD card’ option to see what will happen. This will delete entire files and folders saved on your HTC SD card.
  • SD card data recovery tool

    Few users find themselves lucky when they find lost files of their HTC Desire SD card in backup copy; whereas users who have not maintained backup of SD card data assume that files are lost forever. Well do not regret for losing important files from HTC SD card as Yodot Photo Recovery software will help you to regain photos, videos, audio files and other documents from your HTC Desire SD card. When you attach SD card to your computer, software will check its file system, physically available or not as well as its size, so that it can display you all files stored in it. It has already listed available file types which will help you to choose required files by ignoring other files. Besides this, it also provides “Skip” option which will allow you to choose entire files without marking on a single file. Along with HTC Desire SD card, you can download this software to retrieve files from blackberry SD card as well as from SD cards used on various digital devices such as Tablets, cameras, camcorders, portable media players, etc whose default storage location is SD card.

Guidelines for recovering media files from HTC SD card:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software and install it to your Windows computer
  • Attach HTC Desire SD card to your computer in which you have installed the software
  • Run the application and go as per the details given on its screen
  • Main screen comes up with two options which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost  Photo Recovery”
  • Click on anyone option based on the requirement and go further by hitting on “Next”
  • Wait till the scanning process gets completed and then mark on the checkbox beside listed files to choose it
  • Select files using two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Preview recovered media files for confirmation and at last save restored files in a safe location on your computer

Secure Actions:

  • Never remove SD card from HTC Desire phone while sharing or viewing photo or video
  • Keep HTC Desire phone virus or malware free by downloading proper antivirus software

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