Data Recovery from iBall Cordial 8GB Pen Drive

iBall is one of the popular manufacturer of electronic gadgets and storage solutions. Among flash storage devices produced by iBall, Cordial pen drive is widely used to store and transfer media data on various computers. Storage capacity of iBall Cordial pen drive is in the range of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB each providing different read/ write speed. So, users can hoard data like photos, movies, documents, etc. on iBall Cordial USB flash drive.

Unfortunately, files on iBall Cordial can be lost from it at crucial times. Various scenarios causing loss of files from 8GB iBall Cordial flash drive are listed over here:

  • Interrupted file transfer from iBall Cordial 8GB pen drive to other storage devices or system can cause missing of those files
  • Corruption of iBall Cordial flash drive due to entry of viruses by connecting the drive to virus infected system or downloading malicious files onto the flash drive
  • iBall Cordial 8GB pen drive showing Format Error, 0 bytes data and other error messages indicate that the drive is damaged and data from it is lost
  • Unintentional formatting / reformatting of drive, usage of drive on multiple operating systems, abruptly removing the drive from system during read / write process, etc. can result in unavailability of files on iBall Cordial 8GB pen drive

As data gets removed or missed from iBall Cordial 8GB pen drive, user might feel annoyed for losing valuable data. Nevertheless, this annoying situation can be resolved by using relevant file restoration software. One of the recommended software to accomplish iBall Cordial 8GB pen drive recovery in Windows computer is Yodot Photo Recovery. This tool easily extracts each and every file from iBall Cordial flash drive after severe data loss catastrophes with utmost ease.

This program is built with efficient algorithms that can get back files like photos, RAW images, audio files, video clippings, movie files and other Office files from vivid pen drive brands. It can even retrieve media files from Memory Stick, system hard drives, external hard disk, memory cards, FireWire drives and other storage components. It supports to work on Windows OS based computers/notebooks like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003 and 2008.

Here are the steps required to retrieve files from iBall Cordial 8GB pen drive:

  • Download the software on a Windows computer and connect your iBall Cordial 8GB flash drive to this system
  • Install the tool and run it according to the given instructions
  • In main screen click on Deleted Photo Recovery or Lost Photo Recovery according to file loss scenario
  • Later, select the drive that represents iBall Cordial pen drive from which files have to be recovered
  • Then, if required specify the file types that you wish to recover and click on next button
  • Software performs a clean scan of pen drive to restore lost or erased files
  • Find the recovered files in Data View or File Type view and preview them using Preview button
  • At last, save these files to desired destination location on host computer for further usage

Necessary Tips:

  • Do not abruptly remove iBall Cordial 8GB pen drive from system and use Safely Remove option
  • Maintain good backup of media files from iBall Cordial pen drive on other storage components

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