Retrieve Data When Updated iTunes Cannot Detect iPod on Windows 10

“Hi, I am facing problem with my iPod Nano. ITunes is not recognizing it and I am getting a message stating that “An iPod has been detected, but could not be identified properly. Please disconnect then reconnect and try again. If problem persists uninstall iTunes then install iTunes again”. I have followed these steps and also gone into control panel on my Acer Windows 10 system. I stopped the device and re started it still same message pops up. Does it mean my iPod data is gone? Somebody please help me.”

There might be many known or unknown reasons for generation of these sorts of problems. Let’s list out few causes which might be responsible for unrecognizable iPod on Windows 10:

  • Corrupted iTunes database on iPod
  • IPod File system/Library corruption during migration of iTunes version
  • Corruption due to migration of iTunes between systems Etc

In this situation you can try below techniques to fix the issue:

1. Hold iPod’s menu button down for about 15 seconds, let it reboot, and plug it back to your computer again, your computer should then recognize it

If this first solution doesn't work, here's second option:

2. Plug in your iPod > put it into Disk Mode > Hold the menu button and reboot while plugged-in > In computer, go to your Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Control > right- click on Apple Mobile Device USB Driver and uninstall it

If these troubleshooting don’t work, then you can make a guess that the iPod is severely corrupted and the apt solution in this condition is Yodot Photo Recovery.

Productive tool to retrieve unrecognized iPod on Windows 10:

Yodot is always there to lend a hand when you worried Windows won’t recognize my iPod, what about my data present on it. It is the most reliable program to recover data when iTunes fails to recognize your iPod on Windows 10 computer. It can retrieve OGG, picture, music, video, RAW, Office and more files documents from unrecognized iPod on Windows system. Along with corrupted iPod, the tool can restore data from NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, NTFS5 or ExFAT formatted storage devices. With aid of this application, even non-technical users can successfully complete iPod data retrieval process without facing any issue. It supports restoration of media files from a range of storage devices like memory card, pen drive, SSD drive, external many more. Also, the tool is useful in file recovery or to retrieve folders removed on Windows 10 or any Windows OS computer with ease.

Easy way for retrieval of undetected iPod data:

  • Connect unrecognized iPod to your Windows 10 computer
  • Install Yodot Photo Recovery tool and run it
  • Go for select Lost Photo Recovery option on main screen
  • Select attached iPod from shown list of drives and click on Next button
  • Specify file types which you prefer to for restoration; else skip this step
  • Mark retrieved data using ‘Data view’ or ‘File Type View’
  • Preview recovered data and mention location to save them


  • Ensure that you own latest version of iTunes which works with your system
  • Check whether you possess latest software on your Windows computer

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