How to Recover KDC Photos from Kodak Digital Camera?

“I captured multiple photos with my Kodak digital camera when I recently attended one of my favorite musical concerts. Soon after getting home, I connected this camera to my Windows PC in order to move those image files. When I started with photo transfer process there was a power cut, due to which system got terminated immediately. After a couple of hours when I resumed continuing the process, I was shocked to see that pictures were missing from the digital camera. It will be very helpful if anyone suggests me on how to rescue .kdc pictures from Kodak?”

Kodak has played a very important role in digital camera models, with which most of the professional as well as individual photography users prefer to go with. This excellent gadget stores the captured images in .kdc file format on both internal as well as external storage memory. KDC pictures are the RAW images created on Kodak camera types like digital, compact, SLR etc. But users undergo various instances wherein .kdc files will be forcefully removed from Kodak camera.

Given below are few causes for KDC image file loss from Kodak digital camera:

  • Erasing KDC photos on Kodak digicam by wrongly selecting Delete All option. In additional to this, deleting pictures when the camera is connected on Windows system will also lead to the same as the files bypasses Recycle Bin folder.
  • Malware attack to SD memory card on Kodak or connecting the camera to virus infected system will corrupt the card and results in inaccessibility of KDC images from it
  • Interruptions while saving captured pictures like abrupt removal of card etc. will make the images either to go missing or to get corrupt, eventually leading to photo loss
  • Other reasons include, using same memory card of Kodak cam on different gadgets, capturing pictures when there isn’t sufficient battery, improper connectivity while transferring photo files from Kodak to system drive, formatting or reformatting memory card, file system corruption, can all end up in loss of KDC images from Kodak digital cameras

How to extract lost KDC photos from Kodak Camera?

Do not worry about recovery of KDC photos, as it is very simple with the use of alternative photo recovery tools. Before making use of third party image restoration tool one must make sure that camera or its memory card is not used for further storage after encountering loss of picture files. This is because, saving new images will cause overwriting of the image files that were removed from the storage memory of Kodak camera. If data overwriting is avoided, then KDC files can be restored back within no time.

To accomplish the task of KDC photo recovery, it is highly recommended to utilize Yodot Photo Recovery tool. The tool is built with high quality recovery techniques that can retrieve all types of RAW images like KDC, CR2, SRF, ORF, NEF, PEF and many other from corresponding digital camera models. This utility can also restore other media files like jpeg, jpg, img, tiff, bmp, gif, pic, psd, png, avi, mov, divx, mpeg, mp4, mpg, mp3, aiff, m4a, amr, wav, etc. on Windows computer with utmost ease. This photo recovery software can regain media files from USB flash drive, portable hard drives, system hard disk, memory cards, Memory Stick and other external storage devices. Capable of recovering photos not only from Kodak but also from Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung, Fujifilm, etc DSLR and SLR camera models. You can utilize this tool on Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, Windows server 2003 and 2008 OS based desktops and laptops without any trouble.

Procedural steps to get back KDC images:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery on Windows system
  • Connect the Kodak camera along with its external storage media (SD card) to this Windows system
  • Install and run the utility to start with recovery process
  • In main screen, select “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” option and click next
  • Now, select the drive / partition that represents Kodak Digital camera
  • Software starts to scan the drive for lost KDC images
  • After completion of scan process, a list of all recoverable KDC files will be displayed
  • Go through Data view / File Type view options to select required image files
  • Preview the restored KDC images using Preview button
  • Then select a destination location to save the recovered files and click Save

Necessary Tips:

  • Do not save retrieved images back on same Kodak camera’s memory
  • Avoid wrong deletion of KDC images from Kodak camera
  • Backup essential pictures on multiple storage devices
  • Keep away the habit of abrupt removal of SD card / camera when connected on system