How to Restore M4V Files?

“I usually download number of videos in iTunes on my Windows desktop; most of the times it is cost-free but some are to be purchased. These purchased TV shows are of .m4v file format and I save them all in a separate folder on system drive. Today, while trying to move my M4V files from one folder to another I accidentally pressed ‘Shift + delete’ on selected M4V videos. This caused permanent removal of M4V videos from system drive. Can anyone suggest me how to bring back deleted M4V video files on Windows PC?”

M4V video file format is developed by Apple, which is similar to MP4 files. M4V container file includes compressed audio and video streams with advanced video coding. Usually, the videos download iTunes get saved as .m4v videos, which can be easily converted as MP4 video just by renaming file with .mp4 file extension. An M4V video file can be played on Apple iTunes, QuickTime player, VLC and other multimedia players with ease. However, purchased M4V video files on a Windows PC can be lost in number of situations leading to disaster.

Few commonly seen instances of losing M4V videos on Windows PC are:

  • Incomplete M4V video files transfer from one location to another or from system drive to external storage drive due to incorrect Cut and Paste operation, unexpected system shutdown during process, etc. will cause missing of selected video files
  • Wrong deletion of necessary M4V files using Shift+Del keys or with the help of Command prompt on Windows system will remove the videos completely without saving it in Recycle Bin
  • Erasing M4V videos from external storage devices like memory cards, portable hard drive, etc. on Windows PC will also cause complete deletion of those videos
  • Formatting system hard drive or partition that saves important M4V videos, without backing up the files will definitely turn in to serious disaster as all files will get erased during the process
  • Other times, severe malware attack, presence on bad sectors on storage drive in which M4V files are saved may cause missing of video files

In all these scenarios when M4V videos are lost or erased from various storage devices on Windows, one might worry about how to perform M4V file recovery. Well, recovery of M4V video files is possible if one makes use of third party video recovery software.

Best utility to retrieve M4V video files:

According to data recovery experts, Yodot Photo Recovery is the best application to bring back lost or deleted M4V videos from various storage devices. This utility can restore photos, RAW images and audios along with video files. It is capable of recovering MP4 videos, AVI, MOV, DIVX, MPEG, 3G2, M4A and other video file formats apart from M4V videos. This tool can rescue image files like JPEG, NEF, CR2, TIFF, GIF, SR2, IMG, PIC, PNG, BMP, ORF, PEF, etc. from vast camera models, mobile phones, iPod and other gadgets (compatible on Windows OS). Using this photo recovery software one can rescue media files from memory cards, system hard drive, pen drive, portable hard drive, SSD, FireWire drive and many more storage devices formatted with FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, ExFAT and ReFS file systems. This amazing media file recovery tool can be utilized on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems without any trouble.

Simple steps to rescue M4V videos on Windows PC:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery tool on your Windows PC from which M4V files are lost
  • If M4V videos are lost from external storage devices then connect that drive to this Windows system and proceed
  • Install and run the utility with the help of on screen instructions
  • In main screen click on Deleted Photo Recovery option if M4V videos were erased
  • Else click on Lost Photo Recovery to retrieve missing video files
  • Next from the upcoming screen choose the drive / partition from which .m4v videos have to be restored
  • Further, select .m4v file type to recover M4V videos and if you wish to recover other media files click on Mark All
  • Proceeding next, software scans the selected drive / partition to regain deleted or lost M4V videos
  • Next, retrieved videos will be listed under Data View or File Type
  • Select any video file and view it using Preview button even before saving the file
  • At last save all required video files to desired new destination location on system drive

Useful Tips:

  • Keep backup copy of purchased / important M4V video files on external storage devices
  • Empower the system against dreadful viruses by installing reliable antivirus tool

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