How to Retrieve Data from Unrecognized Memory Stick on Windows?

There are some situations where external devices like flash memory stick fails to get recognized in the computer. Let us see few of such real time scenarios reported:

Case 1: A friend of mine brought me his Memory stick that had all of his collage function photos from past three years including some important videos. When I plugged it to my computer to view those files, memory stick displayed a message stating “Not Recognized”. I have tried by connecting it to multiple computers but got the same message. I don’t understand what the problem behind this issue is. We both don’t have another copy of the pictures; so please help us to restore data from unrecognized memory stick.

Case 2: Yesterday I had connected my 8 GB memory stick to a computer and copied some important files using cut + paste method. In the evening when I connected it to my laptop to copy those data, it didn’t get detected. I thought the office computer might be having virus so I used antivirus software but no use. So anyone please suggest me how to handle this kind of situation? Can I restore data from undetected memory stick?

Case 3: Hi all… I wish someone could help me. My PC won’t recognize the memory stick when I insert it into USB slot. Previously, soon after connecting the stick, it would automatically open a window and I would be able to access the files saved on the memory stick. But now, when I plugin the memory stick, nothing happens. It doesn’t even show as a removable device in My Computer. Any suggestion for this problem would be much appreciated!

The above mentioned instances looks similar but they might carry different reasons, such as:

Fortunately, to restore essential data from your memory stick, Yodot application will definitely be the suitable option.

Recover unrecognized memory stick data using Yodot tool:

Yodot Photo Recovery is a well-known utility to retrieve memory stick data when it undetected on your computer or any other digital gadgets. It has simple graphical user interface which helps user to perform recovery process easily and effectively. This is absolutely safe media recovery tool, as it is read-only software and does not write or modify original content of the file during recovery process. This software has the capability to extract data from SD cards, pen drives, hard drives, external hard drives and many other devices which are formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT files systems. Other feature like “Resume Recovery Session” helps you to revisit scanned and saved files by saving you from rescanning process. By connecting unrecognized memory stick to a healthy Windows system (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003) you can effectively retrieve data from it. If you are a Mac user and any external storage media like SD card is not mounting on Mac OS X then go for Mac version of Yodot tool (Mac Photo Recovery).

Steps to be followed for memory stick recovery:


  • Avoid using the memory stick on a virus infected computer or unknown devices
  • Always use safely remove option to eject the card
  • Maintain backup of vital data from your memory stick

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