How to Restore Files from Multi Media Card?

Multi Media Card (MMC) is a flash memory card standard that is used as storage media in various portable devices such as mobiles, digital cameras, digital media player, etc. You can easily access its contents by connecting it to PC. It can be used in any device that supports SD cards. However like any other storage device, Multi Media Cards are vulnerable to data loss at any instant of time.

You might have lost many photos and videos from MMC card when connected to computer. Suppose think of scenario, where soon after connecting MMC card to the computer, Antivirus software suggested you to scan it. You gave command to scan the MMC card, but after completion of scanning process you noticed that many photos and videos are missing from MMC card. Since you don’t have backup of lost files from MMC card, you desperately want to know whether it is possible to bring them back.

Yes, undoubtedly you can get back your deleted files from MMC card after Antivirus program scanning. The media files present on your MMC card might have infected with the harmful virus and thus removed by antivirus software. However, you need not feel bad thinking about lost files, because restoring deleted photos or videos is easy with the help of good photo recovery software.

Other situation that leads to loss of data from MMC Card are:

  • Removing MMC card without switching off the camera results in deletion of photos or other files
  • Using the same MMC card in different devices may either lead to formatting errors or corruption, where files on MMC becomes unreadable
  • Using your camera or mobile when the battery is running out of the power may sometimes results in data loss from MMC card
  • Accidental deletion of photos and other files from MMC card when it is connected to computer or directly from digital media device is the another major cause for data loss

Overview of MMC Recovery Software

No matter how you lost data, you have got the chance to recover MMC card data by employing trustworthy software like Yodot Photo Recovery. It can successfully retrieve deleted or missing media files such as pictures, video clips, music files and other files from your MMC card. Other than MMC cards, it supports recovery of files from variety of flash memory cards including SD, MicroSD, MiniSD, SDHC, SDXC, CF, xD Card and Memory Stick. It works well to bring back data even when memory cards are formatted, corrupted or showing formatting errors on Windows OS. It also provides search option in order to recover specific file by utilizing its unique signature.

Directions to use the software

  • At first you need to download Yodot Photo Recovery application to your computer
  • In order to restore photos, videos or any other files from your MMC card, you need to connect it to PC through the built-in slot or with a adaptor
  • After attaching the MMC card, run the software. Upon start up it provides two different options i.e. “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” respectively to restore deleted files and lost files
  • Make your selection with respect to the situation you are facing and continue further
  • Now, software will search for all the drives present on your computer, you can choose from the list of drives representing MMC card
  • Once you click “Next”, the application starts scanning the MMC card and displays all the files recovered from it
  • Choose the files which are to be rescued and preview them before proceeding to the save option. At last save retrieved files to a desired location on your computer

Helpful Tips

  • Make use of the write protection notch to secure the MMC card from unwanted write operations
  • If the MMC card’s memory is almost full, then avoid forcefully saving files
  • Avoid saving any new data to the MMC card after data loss, otherwise lost files will be overwritten with new ones
  • Have a good practice of safely removing MMC card from digital device or computer

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