Restoring Movies from Formatted SD Card

“Hi, I have 32GB SD card which I use it to store movies, music and pictures. Yesterday I accidentally formatted my 32GB SD card causing deletion of all the movies and other media files. Pictures and music files are not so important to me, what is important are the movies, because I can’t happen to collect those movie files again. I have not added any file to the SD card since it has been formatted to avoid data being overwritten. All I want to know now is some ultimate video recovery utility that can do the needful. Thanks in advance!”

As USB drives and memory cards are getting cheaper and capable of storing more amount of information, they are being considered as one of the most trusted devices for storing and accessing data without facing any trouble. Among the memory cards, SD card has gained popularity as it is easy to use and can be accessed in more number of gadgets. Since viewing and sharing of files has become much easier with these SD cards, there are chances that some or the other data like songs or movies that are saved in it may get deleted as a result of formatting or due to unknown circumstances.

What leads to SD card being formatted?

  • SD card may have to be formatted, if it has been infected with virus, that makes files present in it inaccessible
  • To change the file system of SD card, you need to format the storage media that leads to deletion of movie files
  • If the file system of your SD card is corrupted, then the only alternative left is to format the storage device
  • While trying to format partitions saved in the system, user may accidentally format SD card connected to the PC, causing deletion of movies that were saved in it

Regain movies from formatted SD card

Yodot Photo Recovery is the most focused tool when it comes to restoring movie files that are lost from SD card as a result of formatting. This utility has the ability to get back movies that were wiped out from SD cards used in cameras, cell phones, camcorders and other devices. Using the deep scan option of this application, user can easily scan the partition table of SD card and extract the movie files to a specific location on hard drive on other storage device as suggested by user. User can not only unformat formatted SD card but can also rescue deleted / lost media files from other memory cards that are used in Windows as well as Mac operating systems successfully.

Follow the simple steps to recover movies from formatted SD card

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery tool in the system
  • Run the program and follow the instructions provided in main screen
  • Click on Deleted Photo Recovery and then carry on to next window
  • Now, select SD card that has been formatted and then proceed to next screen
  • Select the movie files which were lost as a result of formatting SD card
  • At last initiate the scanning process, after completion of which files are listed in Data View or File Type View
  • Select the desired type of view and then save the movie file to know destination location as applicable to host operating system user


  • Always cross the SD card before hitting on the format option
  • Maintain backup of important files on separate external hard drive
  • Avoid using unknown third party tools for partitioning process

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