How to Restore Pictures and Videos from Memory Card?

“I have accidentally clicked on “Format memory card” option which was provided on my mobile and as result of formatting all files present in my memory card got erased. But somehow I managed to restore few files from my backup which I have created in my computer, but still there were some photos and videos which I have not backed up. Can anyone suggest me the way to recover photos and videos from memory card?”

This type of questions can be seen repeatedly in certain forums and when there is no backup the only way to get back your photos and videos from memory card is by using reliable photo recovery software. If you are thinking how is it possible to recover those files even after formatting, then it’s quite simple. When photos and videos get deleted from memory card, it doesn't get erased permanently. What happens is that the space that was occupied by deleted files is now freed up and will be recorded as reusable space. Therefore you can retrieve files unless that space is not overwritten by new data.

What causes loss of photos and Videos from memory card?

  • Clicking photos and shooting videos even after discovering that the camera’s or mobile’s battery is running out of the power
  • Unplugging memory card from computer without utilizing “Eject” option
  • Accidental deletion of photos and videos when connected to computer which refuses to store deleted items in Recycle Bin
  • Power failure while transferring photos and videos from memory card to the computer
  • Malware/Spyware attacks on memory card may either deletes few photos and videos or results in file system corrupted
  • Rapidly adding files to memory card even when its memory is almost full may sometimes makes you lose files from it

Once you get to know that you have lost photos and videos from memory card, immediately remove it from the storage device and do not use it for anything else. Your precious photos and videos have not gone anywhere, but if you write anything onto the card there are chances of losing them forever.

Getting back photos and videos from memory card

It becomes an easy task to get back photos and videos from memory card if you have Yodot Photo Recovery software. This software understands how photos and videos got lost from memory card and hence provides you appropriate steps to retrieve it. It uses proprietary mechanisms to scan your memory card and hence presents all the deleted/lost photos and videos within a short span of time. With the usage of this software, you can recover media files from different types of memory card such as CF,SD, SDHC, xD, XQD, MMC, Memory Sticks, Smart Media cards, etc on Windows OS.

Steps to Retrieve Photos and Videos from Memory Card

  • First of all disconnect memory card from your camera or any other storage device and then connect it to computer or laptop by using a card reader
  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software to your system
  • Run the software and follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen
  • Select “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to recover deleted photos and videos
  • Make use of “Lost Photo Recovery” to recover lost and formatted photos and video files
  • Now choose the drive that represents your memory card
  • Permit the scanning to complete and then choose the photos and videos you want to recover from the memory card
  • View your files before saving by making use of “Preview” option
  • At last choose location to save the recovered files, make sure that the location is not memory card again

Safety Measures

  • When memory card reaches its maximum limit then stop adding new files to it
  • Click on “Eject” option while removing memory card from your computer
  • Take off memory card from camera or any other storage device soon after you realize that photos and videos are missing from it

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